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Atlantic Canada 2 – PEI, Cape Breton Island, Newfoundland

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Today’s tour continues in Atlantic Canada flying over Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island, and Newfoundland with a stop in France on the way.  The tour starts in Charlottetown (CYYG), and includes stops in Sydney (CYQY), Saint Pierre (LFVP), Argentia (NWP), St John’s (CYYT), and finishes at Gander (CYQX).  




To cover the 547nm route in a reasonable time frame you should plan on flying a plane capable of 250-300 knts.  I shall be flying the Flight1 Cessna Mustang in the High Sierra livery.





Recommended scenery:


- Orbx Global


- Orbx NA Arctic, Alaska and Canada Landclass


- Orbx Vector or UTX for roads, rivers and coastlines




Flight Plan



Date and time: Saturday 12 September, 1800 UTC


Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel


Teamspeak Server Address:


Multiplayer: FSX Multiplayer (IP will be provided on Teamspeak)



Don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer speadsheet! (linked here)



Note to Ron Attwood: Set Time to 19:50 GMT (16:50 Local)

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Please donate today!

If you think I'm going to buy one of those things you've got another think coming! Whatever next? :fool:


I'm in this sweetie. :wink:



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Angle!, Angle!, Push!, Push!  :smile:

Not in my cockpit! :P


My excuse for missing the flight tomorrow:




It'll be one of the last few flights of XH558, the last flying Avro Vulcan, before its engine life expires.


You could watch it on tele. No? OK then, excuse accepted. :smile:

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Did you see? That Vulcan could have/ might have/  been a pile of rubble if it weren't for one of his little friends?


This was up nort in Glasgow this past weekend.


Article -

Raw video - 


One of those "feel good" stories that warm the cockles.


Enjoy the show Nick - Hope the Vulcan shows, in any case - You are the primary photographer this weekend!  :Tounge:

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That was as tense a piece of footage as I have seen! The way he kept the nose-wheel off the ground for sooo long was amazing! Great piece of airman-ship.

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No kidding! Was glued to the screen to see the whole thing. 3 times!


I really hope she shows for Nick's show. Do not see why not.  (fingers crossed)


So I guess we can have a contest - Since it seems we're all in tri gears we could see... "who can keep it up the longest".... -or- is that too adult film "ish"?

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Superb piloting! Hope that Nick gets a chance to appreciate the Vulcan after all.

Hmmm. Business Jet for the Maritimes. Cannot match that. How about an Executive Transport from Douglas?


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Will be making sweet music along with Mike. Although mine will be louder. The prop governor is broken - the prop tips WILL go supersonic in certain situations. I'll be in camo so you may not see me. HA! Details on the sheet.

SkyVector, for your flight portfolio - Maritimes 2         EDIT- On SV one of the airports has a "L" prefix?  We're in Canada for Pete's sake.


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I have seen the end of civilisation as we know it!   :sorry:  Last night at appoximately 18:00Z my internet was snatched from me. Not only that, my wife's TV programmes likewise. Both are with Virgin Media which only had the courage of speaking to me via voice recognition software. The services were down for almost 17 hours!  :t0103:  Our evening was spent playing solitaire, looking at old holiday pictures and sex. (Well, not sex actually, I lied about that)


Getting ready for take off, out of the corner of my eye I could see people leaving the server. No response from TS pleas of 'What's happening chaps?' Nothing, zilch, nada. Game over.


Note to FSX-SE users. Offline does NOT mean Offline. I thought I'd entertain myself with a little CS:GO in offline mode. Ha! It still requires an online verification of your account. B*****ds!


I trust my flying companions had a successful trip and didn't think I'd taken my ball and gone home. :BigGrin:

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Was a good flight Ron. We ended up at Digital Theme Park and had a couple more pilots drop in. (even a L-39!) I kept checking on you - Ping 'd  your IP & a couple others that belonged to Virgin Mobile with no returns so we kinda knew what happened.We even had a discussion about how we would be in the dark ages without electricity.  


Hope you won playing solitaire!  :LMAO:


The weather we had was atrocious!   ILS approaches were mandatory at a couple of airports.  Clouds to the deck, a few hundred meters visibility, rain etc..  = sweaty palms. At times it got very quiet on TS with people on finals - deafly quiet.


Will have some photos up later today or early tomorrow. Football season starts for me in 1.5 hours!




Simple plug - Help a WWII vet & a fellow EAA Chapter member out.

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Go Bears!

Josh...Don't you now that Packer fans are EVERYWHERE? Even the Dane's get into it!  :dance:



Better late than never. Here are some shots from Saturday's flight - Maritimes II.


Quite the variety. Just waiting on Jeff in the Cessna Mustang. A drastic event will require a start over. Ron's ISP went belly up shortly after take off - he lived in the dark ages until the next day.  :Waiting: 




Back at Charolettetown (CYYG) - This time on the Digital Theme Park server. It seems Josh has switched to a more visible paint in his Legacy.. Good call as the WX was about to turn south. We might not be able to see him!




Mike and I keeping within an eye shot of each other.






We picked up some new flying buddies enroute. Ralf shows up in the new Lockheed 10. An FSX alias of the Mossie turned out very nice. Jeff wasn't having a very good run. 1 (or 2) FSX failures occoured. Here he is being all friendly - spooling up the Williams' turbofans and defogging my windows after a restart. We had another newcomer in a L-39 but didn't see him much.




Josh over the threshold at Saint-Pierre (LFPV) - set my camera to 1:1,000,000 shutter speed :-)




Almost, almost, almost ........................ there. The WX is turning towards the nasty side.




Jeff lightly touching down @ Saint-Pierre - nary a puff 'o smoke.




Yuuuuup! Formation practice. Really need to hone the skills - it's been awhile.




This is what happens when you don't follow instructions - forgot to load up the added NA/Canada upgraded airports. Ended up not having an airport at all. Palentia Pike Rd. on the isthmus of Argentia became my own little field. Good thing the T-28 is an excellent short field aircraft. Everyone else ended up at Naval Air Station Argentia (NWP). They had atrocious weather with visibilties down to just a few hundred meters. My WX updated just minutes after take off - which was good otherwise it would've been a holding pattern.




St. Johns International (CYYT) - This airport showed us who had the "moxy". 1/8th vis, drizzle, fog etc... No shots were taken during the landings; the concentration was "Thick as a Brick" (Jethro Tull - HA). Teamspeak was nearly silent while we sequenced in except for a few calls of "whew!!" or "does this thing still work? I can't hear anyone". Josh climbing out of the muck.




Just an example of our balmy WX at St. Johns.




Ralf leaving the mess.




The A-26 "Executive" has a very different retract sequence. That nose wheel when it starts it's turn sequence must produce a boat-load of drag.




The front is all tucked up and out of the mess, time to pull up the mains.



Jeff escaping the bounds of the Earth.




Getting those shiny wheels out of the mess. They are a "b" to polish - the sooner the better.




The scenery was stunning....... When it was visible.




Leaving St. Johns for Gander Intl (CYQX) - It really turned out to be a stunning evening.




Mike turning in for ILS 13 at Gander. While the weather was better it really wasn't VFR.




Ralf heading for his IAF @ Gander while the sun is slipping away.




Jeff coming off the northern side DME arc for ILS 13 - lining up.




The needle is alive - turn-in time...




No one else had this little quirk. My approach course did not match, needle centered, maybe due to the 20* Mag dev? Will give it another go one day now that the scenery is updated.




Mike, just about there as it is really starting to get dark.




Booyah! Right on the numbers!




Jeff floating it just a bit - no worries as it will be well worth it.




Just one little "puff". - Very Nice.




The meeting of the minds - short 'n sweet. The sun giving it's last glimpse.




"If the METAR has more than 24 characters then....... Pucker up Buttercup"




A truly memorable flight. Really wish Ron could've made it for the whole thing.

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Gutted! It looks like it was a classic. Well done with the Brownie Roman. Them ole fotees came out real good. Hih hih hih (Gabby Hayes laugh)

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