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FSDT/Flightbeam Addon manager PROBLEM

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A Whole day wasted... not just wasted but my blood pressure has gone up because of this buggy piece of garage called Addon Manager.


This morning I had updated KDEN since Flightbeam had put out an update I believe... and then I went about doing something else.. and slowly I started getting CTDs... and I spent a whole day debugging to figure out what went wrong...


I tried restoring my system and that did not fix it... I still got the CTDs... 


I had to re-image my C drive from my Acronis backup and that still did not fix it.. 


Fault Module Name: StackHash_0a9e


Jim Young from here tried helping me out and I followed his suggestion


And I finally after going down many a rabbit hole... I found the issue ...It was the addon manager due to that KDEN that has introduced this horrible issue..Its incideous because its very gives no clue .. I even downloaded and burned a CD to test my memory thinking I may have a hardware issue... I tuned down my Overclock and voltage  and went down that rabbit hole..all because of this garbage Addon Manager


This is terrible!




I understand they have not charged us for these airports from FSX to 2.1 to now 3.1 and their airports are good indeed... but I am not sure if it was worth purchasing these two firms products.. The amount of grief this has caused me is exasperating. 


I just felt  like Ranting here.

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Hah - reminds me of when I tried the KCLT 2.0 Demo from ImageSim... For some reason - and it was repeatable - their uninstaller removed one of the highest level entries in my scenery.cfg (FS9) that made all the worlds mesh invisible... All the objects on the planet just looked like they were floating in space... I spent a couple days trying to figure that one out - we've all been there and feel your pain...




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I just spent 12 hours on this same problem. I was playing with updated Flightbeam KDEN and GSX on Saturday and all of a sudden I had a crash. I reloaded FSX and got to the aircraft selection and several times and then a crash. Then I would get a Fatal Error message each time I tried to load FSX. I had just bought and installed Flightbeam KPHX and KSFO and did a total defrag. I Un-installed all the Flightbeam airports and still got the Fatal Error message when the FSX Splash screen first appeared. After many hours of this I finally did a total un-install off all my addons and FSX itself. Last night at 10pm I finally got FSX installed and running. Now the tedious process of re-installing all the addons begins.


I am very glad I saw this thread!! I just knew it had to do with Flightbeam somehow. I have a bunch of FSDT airportts that I un-installed because the airports lack taxi lines and the FSX yellow taxi guide doesn't work with these airports. These people have caused a lot of heartburn --- not to mention wasted $$$$$.


Can these airports be used without the Addon Manager installed?



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Hi folks, sorry to hear people running into this issue. FSDT had updated the Addon Manager a few days ago and something was wrong with their files. The issue has now been resolved, simply install the Standalone Addon Manager and you're set.


For further support on this please visit FSDT support (we don't handle the addon manager). Hope this helps!

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