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Jim Robinson

Trying Out New Freeware Sky Textures Package

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Note the package is for FSX and I'm not sure the suneffect.cfg mod works correctly in v3, it appears it breaks lens flare in P3D3 so I disabled it and only used the sky textures. The 5th screenshot shows the supplied suneffect, all the others are taken with a suneffect from REX4. More investigation on that is necessary because I really liked the suneffect, just didn't seem to be getting any lens flare, maybe I just didn't have the time of day right...



To use this package in P3D3 these amendments to the readme are necessary:


4. Put the "suneffect.cfg" into FSX main folder.

4. Put the "suneffect.cfg" into the C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 folder



5.1 Find your cameras.cfg in \Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX.

5.1 Find your cameras.cfg in \Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3



5.3 Go to FSX root directory and find "cameras.cfg". Do the same thing here as in step 5.2.

(skip step 5.3 entirely, there is no cameras.cfg in the P3D root directory)




If you install the included suneffect.cfg and don't like it all you need to do is delete it, when you restart the sim it'll build a new one. Then close the sim and apply a REX4 theme with your own choice of sun effects.


If you use these and like them make sure to head over to the fsdeveloper thread and give Navid a "like" :smile:

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Thanks for the comments guys!


OK I got the suneffect working, the problem it seems was LensFlareCount="2" in the supplied suneffect.cfg vs LensFlareCount="10" in the default P3D v3.1 suneffect.cfg. Apparently LensFlareCount works differently in v3 vs FSX, I think the lens flare was actually working but the two flares were so jammed up against the sun you just couldn't see them. I let P3D build a new default suneffect.cfg and then I modified it to incorporate the needed changes taken out of the supplied suneffect.cfg.



This seems to work, here's a link to what I came up with:


It goes in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3. You might experiment with LensFlareCount="xx", maybe LensFlareCount="8" would look better (open it with Notepad, change, save). I haven't tried 8 yet but 10 seems a little over the top sometimes.




You need to have these .bmps:




...from the download installed in your Prepar3D v3\texture folder to use this suneffect.cfg. Further, if you revert to the default suneffect.cfg later with those textures still installed the sun will look really huge and weird so backup your original textures or install a REX theme afterwards if you decide not to keep it. (there is no sunglow2.bmp in default P3D v3.1 BTW so you only need to back up sun.bmp and sunglow.bmp)




To see the lens flare effect from the VC you still need to do the cameras.cfg modification as instructed in the readme and post #3 above. Easiest way to do that is press Windows Key+R, paste the line below and press OK. That opens the cameras.cfg in Notepad and the line you need to change is in the 2nd [] near the top of the file (see readme). Change it, save it, you're done.


notepad %appdata%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\cameras.cfg



You also need to put the 140 sky texture .bmps from the download into the Prepar3D v3\texture folder of course to complete the installation. Note that the suneffect mod is independent of the sky textures so you could also use the suneffect mod with HDE v2 or REX sky textures for example if you wanted to.




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They look really really nice, but for someone who just finds this it's really hard t see what difference they would make without a "before" pic...

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it's really hard t see what difference they would make without a "before" pic...


Then why don't you try to compare yourself?

They are free and the instal will take a minute.

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