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Local Gatherings of FS enthusiasts

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Hi Everyone:


The following is an intro that hopefully will lead to the topic title. I apologize if this is not the proper forum for this topic.


I'm new here (again), recently returned to flight simulation (FS) after several years of dealing with health issues. At my age (closer to 90 than 80) medical issues and appointments take up the largest portion of my calendar. :) As a retired professional pilot with an ATP certificate, flight always catches my fancy and FS is the closest I can get to reliving some of those days gone by.


The most difficult thing I am dealing with in getting reestablished in FS is the setup. I am focused on P3D at the moment and running on an Apple product doesn't lend itself to making P3D and all the add-ons any easier. I search this forum and many others looking for clues as to how to go about things but am still struggling. I, and perhaps many others, would benefit greatly from personal assistance.


I am still not able to get my hardware (have both CH and Saitek products, yoke, throttle, and rudder, along with registered FSUIPC, and have not figured out a way to make them work properly. It's undoubtedly my age.


That type of assistance from others much more knowledgeable used to be found in what were known as "user groups", local or regional gatherings which met on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, etc). With the advent of the internet and the passing of time (the last 8 years in particular for me) User Groups seem to have disappeared.


Question: Has there been any discussion or interest expressed on this forum about User Groups and the value such might contribute to FS? Or, as I suspect, has the world passed me by and are those types of gatherings truly a thing of the past?


I have found many of the suggestions on this and other forums very helpful and encouraging. I particularly enjoy the manner in which "Poppet" presents her educational posts.


Many thanks to those who contribute regularly and I'll keep at it from here in Southwest FL USA, slowly making progress.



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Hello Don,


I'm only 54, but I remember the computer groups you're talking about. They still exist (for computing, programming and some hobbies. I've been involved in Flight Simulation for over 30 years, and very involved for the past 10 years on an International level, and I'm not aware of any such group who meets in person.


There are a number of groups like you mention who meet virtually (online) using Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo and other similar tools, not to mention many different forums on the Internet. These allow us to reach a much broader population from which we are able to find people with similar interests in flight simulation as there are MANY different types of flight simulation.  Some prefer online flying (like VATSIM) while others like to fly offline by themselves.  Some prefer General Aviation flying, others prefer flying commercial airliners, and then we have HOW you fly. Some like to adhere closely to prescribed procedures (in and out of the flight deck) while others just want to fly.  Then we have Shared Cockpit (a Captain and FO in the same aircraft) and there is also how you choose to fly in Shared Cockpit (Offline, Online, GA or Commercial, realistic procedures or not, etc.).


I have run a private group for the past 10 years who fly shared cockpit using high end commercial airliners, and we've also done testing for many leading FS developers during this time, but a rather high end computer and certain FS hardware would be necessary.  The group focuses on realism based flying on VATSIM.  There are also many Virtual Airlines that may interest you.


The setup help you're looking for can be found right here on AVSIM, and Jim Young has published a FS9/FSX/P3D Config Guide which you can find on the RIGHT SIDE of most every AVSIM page under the HOT SPOTS section.


I wish you the very, very best!


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Hi Don,


Just throwing out a couple of ideas. One is to contact John Allard (allardjd) over at Mutley's Hangar. I think he has an active flight sim club in Ocala, FL. Maybe not all that close to you, but he might know of someone near you.


The other thought is to contact a local flying school. They might have some tech savvy flight sim users and maybe someone would be kind enough to volunteer.


Best of luck!

Barry Friedman

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Hi Don

I've been to technical meetups on other subjects but I think maybe doing the same for flight sims might be less practical for a number of reasons.

Among these is that it would be difficult to do this in a public place and inviting relative strangers into your house involves a fair amount of trust if you're showing them all your flashy computer stuff.


In the UK we have cix vfr club as an online community but there are many others around Vatsim etc.

(I don't think cix vfr club has a rule about no-one from outside the UK joining up although the flying is largely based around the UK and the surrounding area)

Plus avsim of course.


One youtube video I'd suggest might help is titled, "HOW TO USE FSUIPC FOR FSX" by FroogleSim.

That video covers mapping your controllers in FSUIPC.

Its the sort of FroogleSim video that I like to stop and make notes during.


Good luck  :smile:

Tony Holmes

xplane 10 64 bit (Steam), Windows 10, I7, 16gb, GTX780.


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Thanks to each of you for your responses. I do genuinely appreciate the suggestions.


DaveCT2003 - I'm not quite ready to join any specific group just yet but it is certainly something to consider for the future. I would probably enjoy the VATSIM scenario if one does not have to commit to participate at specific times of the day.


tbaac - I watched the video you suggested and will try to follow it after another review. I notice that it is done with an older version of FPUIPC but the concepts will probably be similar. I tried to follow along, pausing the video as I went, but I did something wrong on the first try. Will keep trying.


fshobby - Thanks for the suggestion about the flying clubs... hadn't thought of that. My niece's husband keeps his plane at the airport. Will check in with him.


Thanks again.



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Hi Don,

I live in Naples and would be happy to try to assist you. If you want, send me a PM with your phone number and I will call you. Or we could use Team Speak together and try to get things set up for you. I do not use the Apple computer, so there may be some issues there I could not help with. You may also want to take a look at one of the VA's I fly with, DC3airways.com  we have a lot of older very knowledgable guys who would be happy to help you if you join. We fly only the DC-3 and DV-4 but are very active with a lot of on line Multy Player flights each week. Send me a PM.


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