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Finger lake just south of CNK4 (Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada)

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A beautiful morning fly-in to my virtual cottage on the finger lake just south of the Parry Sound runway threshold.  Great for water craft, and only can be had, if you have Orbx Vector installed. It will not be there, if U.T. is used.


Left click once on the each picture, and then left click once more to see the pic at full resolution and size :)


P3D v3.2.3

ASN/REX 4 Direct

FTX Global

FTX North America Open LC

FTX Vector 1.40

Real Shader

Samsung Dynamic Contrast feature (on monitor)



Just landed, and on water taxi to cottage dock....



BTW, that's my wife prefers a kayak....(smile).
Post Edit:  "I was just unloading the plane with our groceries, and my two next door neighbors came over to say hello.  They said that they were just about to drive north on H-69 to the French River for some great Walleye and Whitefish.  "Really?!?", I said.  "Hey hon..Bill and Tony are driving up to the French River for a day of are going to visit your sister in Parry 'bout I decided to join them...we can fly up, and then bring home our catch for supper tonight...what do you say?  Hey the green light....bring your gear, and we'll be in the air in 20 minutes....won't take us a half hour to land on the French..and let those Walleyes never know what hit 'em....".   :hi:
"Ok...Bill and Tony, are aboard...and we start our southbound taxi to the end of the lake, for our northbound departure...a wing-wiggle over my cottage to say goodbye to the missus, and a great day of fishing ahead of us.  Have a great Sunday everyone!"
Parting shot,  and a personal comment;  before the full N.A. Open LC was released, this airport and area was 'covered' by the Canada/Alaska release.  I can tell you though, that this scene of the area, was in no way, as breath-taking and real-world looking, as now, generated by my full N.A. OpenLC installation. With the full release, there absolutely have been texture and land-class upgrades slipped in, that (in my opinion and observations) over-wrote the Canada/Alaska coverage.  Anyway, that's my opinion, based upon my flying this area, pre, and post full N.A. OpenLC installation.  Folks, I love this part of Ontario, and with my wife, have motorcycle camped with other couples,  we have flown into this airport with another couple, and this is now exactly how it looks from the air...the curve of the highway 69, the forested areas, I mean...the Orbx land-class upgrade is simply a MUST HAVE for anybody, that takes to the air, over North America. It hasn't 'groomed' P3D or has next-generation'ed P3D and FSX!  :hi:
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That would be a terrifying dock in real life with that pole there haha.


Great shots!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed them :)


Yeah...she wants to hang flower baskets from it...she MADE me put it

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Beautiful shots  Mitch - how many hours did it take to upload all of those  :dance:

Mere minutes, actually Rich.  Not long at all.


Thanks for your sentiments.  Fun to post them :)

Nice shots!

Thanks FDX, glad you enjoyed them!

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Beautiful shots  Mitch - how many hours did it take to upload all of those  :dance:


LOL Rich.


Great series Mitch!

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