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Rocky Mountain High 2

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Today we start at Pagosa Springs (2V1) the world's deepest geothermal hot spring in the southern side of the Rocky Mountains.
We depart north over the Weminuche Wilderness area to Creede (C24).




Creede was the last silver boom town in Colorado in the 19th century. We continue north to Gunnison (KGUC). The mining camps in Gunnison reportedly produced about 130,000 ounces of gold.Now we turn south and head to the entrance to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.



Here we will fly the 10 mile stretch as low to the canyon floor as possible. Beware it might seem easy at first but the canyon will start getting very narrow so be careful.  Parts of this canyon only get 22 minutes of sunlight a day. There are also some almost hairpin turns that are quite tricky. Leaving the canyon we head north to 7v2 to take a breather from our canyon experience.


Now we head NE thru the Grand Mesa National Park on our way to Glenwood Springs (KGVS) one of the first places in the United States to have electric lights and one of the best hot springs in Colorado with a pool 125m long.



We will now head southwest to Grand Junction (KGJT) with a touch and go at (KRIL) on the way. Grand Junction western Colorado's Grand Valley. Cut out of the rugged terrain by the Colorado and Gunnison rivers.


Next we head south flying over the Uncompahgre National Forest to Hopkins (6V6) and then on to our final destination Cortez (KCEZ).





The flight is 361miles with most of it at high altitudes. For now I will be flying my Comanche. This will be a daytime flight so 10 in the morning would be great.

There is some really beautiful or should I say Brilliant scenery and the color changes are incredible.

I recommend Global, Vector, NA LC, North America Airports.


There is one download of Pegosa Springs airport that is quite nice and you can get it here.


Flight Plan.

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Josh, you have excelled yourself! I'm almost frightened to take on this trip. :Nail Biting:

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Looking forward to Saturday.

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Ron I made a mistake we start at KPSO not 2v1 as that is no longer there and has been re named KPSO. Also I will be flying my Trinidad in DX9 mode for this flight instead of the Comanche. Josh

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I will be flying my Trinidad in DX9 mode for this flight instead of the Comanche. Josh


Don't just tell me. Saturday Evening Roster




KPSO @10am local. Roger that.

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Looks like I will be able to make it - The end of summer annual fly-in & picnic @ 9WS2 has been changed to Sunday. 

Bad WX forecasted for Saturday, making it perfect for an AVSIM Saturday afternoon/evening soiree.  :dance:


NOTAM - Only if wanted. If you are NOT flying a Legacy and would like to see the others' windmills turning, give this package a try. It does no harm. 


SkyVector for your map "fold'n" needs.



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Ron -  :good:


Does anyone have all the title=names for the new Trinidad? Would like to alias Josh to a freeware. Don't care exactly which one he's using. I'll make aliases for dem all!

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It has to be said that when Josh is given a shove he can produce a terrific flight! Exhilarating! That the word I was looking for.

Now if we can get him to fill out the "Saturday Night's All Right for Flighting" page properly we'll have cracked it. :smile: 


It's amazing what you can do when your bollocks hurt like hell. :He He:

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It was good that my friend's "End of Summer Fly-In & Picinic" at 9WS2 was rescheduled to the following day due to weather. If it wasn't rescheduled I would've missed one of the most enjoyable flights ever! THANKS Josh!

Jeff bringin in Legacy November 508 Delta Bravo @ Gunnison - Crested Butte Regional (KGUC)


At KGUC, Josh shows his legs (the thought!) and comes in nicely providing mosquito repellent as an added plus.


Bry, Jeff, Josh & myself getting ready for departure, heading for "The GAUNTLET".


~35 nm of "twisty - turny" canyon running! Sore hands afterwards required a break at North Fork Valley Airport. (7V2)
Jeff said it well - "The hand print is now permanently embedded into the controller" (White Knuckles)

Ron touching down, dead center, at 7V2. Nice!


Mike at 7V2 in Lancair November 10 Zulu Romeo, just a little rebound is all.


Libation time, physical therapy etc.. at 7V2. (clockwise from forehand) Ron in the Lancair IV-P; Nick, Jeff, Bry & Mike in Legacy's; Gunter in a IV-P followed by Josh in the Trinidad & myself in the T-28C. (Nice group!)


Ready to go after the break. Rolf joins us in a "phantom" Baron, yay! The more the merrier! No n number & white.


There he is...


Following HWY 82 as we head to Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport (KGWS).


Bry touching down at Garfield County Regional (KRIL). Nice! Not a puff of smoke.


Mike adjusting her just a bit on approach.


Another nice one! Rolf touching down as Mike pulls off at the far end.


This is a nice.... And busy! airport! There's more on the way.


Nick following Gunter's bum on the way in.


I believe Gunter went around and this time..... Just barely clearing Ron! Just no room at this place!


Josh coming in a little fast doing a "taxiway approach". He made it with plenty of room to spare.


Rolf dropped out of MP then came back for another approach coming over the top of Ron as he readies for Grand Junction Regional (KGJT)


Mike in the ground effect at KGJT.


Bry just inches from "dead center". Looks like a couple more on approach.


Jeff, inches from touchdown.


The intention of this video was to show the intense lightning that was occurring. Of course it stops as I hit the record button. :Waiting:
  This is the last leg heading to Cortez Municipal (KCEZ). Formation Flying with Gunter as lead.

Made it!



Thanks again Josh! It was AWESOME!  :Applause:

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Nice flying Roman. Tried my best to catch up and make it a three ship. Just couldn't make it. Next time.

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