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PMDG 777 ND Question

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The pic is kind of low res and hard to see but it looks like fixes.


Basically you can add a fix with a circle around it for a distance and heading you specific and it will draw a circle like you see.


It can be useful if you want to draw an imaginary circular range around a waypoint or airport.


You can add fixes to a waypoint via the FMC.

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It's a FIX. Our Emirates guy uses them to draw an 8 mile ring around the airport in the 777 to show the point in the approach where he needs the gear down and also draws a 25 mile ring for the MSA. You go to the LEGS page, line select the runway in the scratchpad and go to the FIX page. Put the item in the scratchpad into the FIX ------ top left and then do a forward slash with the distance. So /8 for 8 miles. Voila a range ring. Bear in mind that drawing lots of them does have a frame hit.

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Thank you both for your answers!


I always wanted to find out how to activate those, and never could figure it out, nor find a forum about it.


You guys rock!

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