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shut down engine procedure

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Does anyone knows the procedure and command to shut down engines of the DO228? I'm supposed to move right control levers to "shut off"; I hope, but I can't (levers stop at feather position).


Your sincerely


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OK for015 your comment is actually very interesting! And will help a lot of people undoubtedly

But just a word about the how-to would have brought much more.


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From the POH:




A fuel purge system is installed to remove residual fuel from the engines during shutdown. Upon shutdown compressed air, stored in the puge canister, blows out all fuel remaining in the engine downstream of the flow divider. This purged fuel is burned by the engine during shutdown. The purge cycle is actuated by holding the starter switch in the STOP position for five seconds or until the engine RPM drops again. A slight rise in RPM and ITT should occur followed by a drop in fuel flow. If the RPM/ITT rise was not observed the purge system was not activated.

The compressed air is pressurized bleed air supplied by the engine.


1.PARKBRAKE handle        -Set (if brakes have cooled down)

CAUTION: If the brakes are expected to be hot, use of parking brake should be kept to a minimum not exceeding 5 minutes. Have the airplane chocked as soon as possible.

2.AIRCOND Master switch   -OFF

3.HYDRAULIC switch           -OFF

4.Boost PUMP switches        -OFF

                                               -Check FUEL PRESS caution lights on

NOTE: Allow engines to operate a minimum of three minutes with the POWER levers in FI or below before shutdown to ensure proper ITT stabilization. Approach, landing and taxi time may be included in the three minute period if 20% torque has not been exceeded.

5.INV, GEN switches                -OFF

6.Starter switch                         -STOP and hold for 5 seconds ot until engine RPM drops again.

7.POWER levers                       -REVERSE between 60 to 30% RPM to engage the starter locks.

8.SEAT BELT/NO SMOKE switches    -OFF

9.Avionics                                             -OFF

10.POWER levers                                 -FI below 10% RPM.

11.iNTERNAL CONTROL LOCKS        -As required.

12.LIGHTS switches                              -As required.

13.MASTER BATT switches                  -OFF.


Hope that helps :)

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Doesn't work. The starter switch cannot be held in position. Clcking and holding just activates it briefly before it flips back to neutral position.

I cut the engines by closing the main fuel cocks.


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I have just shut down my Do228 after a flight by holding down using Ctrl+F2.

Props take a while to stop rotating [unlike the usual FSX default planes] but that seems to me to be far more realistic  anyway.

Mike Ody

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