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  1. Restart Xp, the activation thing often leaves you hanging until you restart the sim itself. Until then it still acts as if it hasn't been activated even if you have activated it and it say's reload the aircraft. It should say "restart x-plane" if you ask me :).
  2. Well first off, I was thinking of, and refering to Orbx's EGPB, my fault and I appologize :D Secondly I'm not seeing EGPO in your scenery.ini file, do you have a custom scenery installed or is it the default scenery that is out of whack? In this case I have no idea because it's fine on my end. Maybe posting a screenshot would help, sometimes a picture explains more than a thousand words?
  3. have you checked your graphics settings? After updating XP recently and when loading up the scenery I noticed the RWY, markings etc were all gone. Until I turned up the graphics setting wich had been set to default by the XP update without me noticing. And suddenly everything was back to normal :)
  4. Well it is an early access, or as I call it: eager access because it's very bare bone at the moment. Meaning this is for those who just can't wait and just want something to play with. But they have ambitions of adding functions as they go along, and increasing the price as they do, if you want to read more about it here's a link where your can read more about it and download the current "essentials" user guide (I asume it's the same that comes with the product). And you can browse through the devs forum (same link) and read what the beta testers and launch customers (he he) have to say. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/179675-infos-and-update-files/
  5. At the moment you have a virtual engeneer and you can tell him to trim for the various phases ie. ground, take-off, flight, decent and landing. The manual says that atm the engeneer panel has the basic functions but I don't know what that entails.
  6. It has been (pre) released now. Eager Access ....it has very limited autopilot systems.
  7. Just a heads up that all +40 of my paints have been updated to work with RC4 and have been uploaded to .org. Pluss two new ones as well as two more close to being released. :)
  8. Have you checked out this one? https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41874-mission-x/
  9. BTW, RC3 was released 6 hours ago, download the new version from your account at X-Rotors. ;)
  10. Thanks and you're welcome, more paints are on the way :) Well, I can't say I've experienced this particular problem, do you have readings on the MFD regarding the buses and generators? Is there any difference if you start with the option "engines running" ticked on? And are you running xplane 11.30 or above?
  11. Are you losing power while in flight? I don't see you mentioning the generators, make sure they are switched on.
  12. Swedish Search And Rescue https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50175-aw139-sjofartsverket/
  13. It is probably this one: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46982-seasons-winter-xp11/
  14. OK, gotha. I prefer steam gauges too. My conundrum is that Chieftains is more common where I fly and I like the commuter version too. I'll just have to mull a little while longer I guess lol But thanks anyways :)
  15. Can you expand on this, been thinking of one or the other but can't make up my mind.
  16. Uploaded a new livery https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50009-x-rotor-aw139-n30wx/
  17. This thread is like any other thread regarding any payware addon and I fail to see how this thread can be misconstrued as advertisement. Anyway, it seem's like they got their new website up and running, and if you've bought this before the new site was opened, just make an account and send them a notice through the support tab and let them know, and they will add it to your account. Just did it myself, no hassle. Apparently there's also a discount available for those who own the 3.5 version, which I do, but didn't know about the discount until I checked the FAQ section just now. So that's a small heads up for previous owners. I also uploaded a new paint to the .org site for my canadian friends, in case anyone is interested. And while I'm at it, I added the Flight1 RealityXP GTN 750 (as a popup instrument) from day one, and I noticed that whatever I put into the helicopters FMC scratchpad (regarding radio frequencies), and tried to transfer them to the appropriate radio line (still on the FMC) it doesn't change the frequencies in the FMC, but on the MFD they do change? Is this because of the flight1 GTN 750 interfeering (I just recently got the GNT, so I'm a little unfamiliar with it) or is it a bug? Can someone who doesn't have the GTN installed check and see if numbers transfer from the scratchpad to the respective radio slots on the radio page of the FMC (com 1 and 2, nav 1 and 2 and headings)? Cheers and have a continued good weekend :)
  18. Can you blame those who wish to know more about this particular model not finding nonsesense comments like "carenado sux" to be of no help what so ever? I want to know how it handles, if the fmc works and so on...that's all I'm looking for, as I'm sure the OP also did. We are not interested in what other people 'think it may be' we want to know what people who actually has tried it has to say.
  19. There you go, as you can see it's horizontal on top the first two rows of nodes, while it should be angled downward from the the get go, there shouldn't be a horizontal part at all. In the middle part of the real glareshield, there's a small triangel shaped section that has a less steep angle towards the centerpost (but still not flat horizontal), as you can see in the picture I linked to (that was removed), but it doesn't obstruct the pilots view. From a pilots point of view you should be able to see the whole windscreen inkluding the rubber gasket around the window. If you still don't know what I'm talking about, get in the sim and load up the plane, raise your viewpoint as far up as you can go and see if you at any point have full view of the windscreen.
  20. The shape of it, it is stretched in a horizontal manner towards the windscreen and thus blocking parts of the view foreward. In the real aircraft you have no problem seeing the whole windscreen from top to bottom giving you a nice view of the world outside if you peer over the glareshield. Have a look at this picture: As you can see, the top of the glareshield is angeled downward toward the bottom of the front windows and not as in your model, extruded horizontally. I mean, the rest of the aircraft is wonderfully modelled, and then having this glaring mistake in my face constantly (lol, glaring, get it?) as well as obstructing the view just rubbs me the wrong way, I'm critizising in context with the otherwise brilliance of the model. It's like å big giant red zit painted on Mona Lisa's face :D
  21. It's a shame they haven't fixed the glareshield yet :( Hope they've fixed it for v2 though.
  22. From the POH: ENIGINE SHUTDOWN A fuel purge system is installed to remove residual fuel from the engines during shutdown. Upon shutdown compressed air, stored in the puge canister, blows out all fuel remaining in the engine downstream of the flow divider. This purged fuel is burned by the engine during shutdown. The purge cycle is actuated by holding the starter switch in the STOP position for five seconds or until the engine RPM drops again. A slight rise in RPM and ITT should occur followed by a drop in fuel flow. If the RPM/ITT rise was not observed the purge system was not activated. The compressed air is pressurized bleed air supplied by the engine. 1.PARKBRAKE handle -Set (if brakes have cooled down) CAUTION: If the brakes are expected to be hot, use of parking brake should be kept to a minimum not exceeding 5 minutes. Have the airplane chocked as soon as possible. 2.AIRCOND Master switch -OFF 3.HYDRAULIC switch -OFF 4.Boost PUMP switches -OFF -Check FUEL PRESS caution lights on NOTE: Allow engines to operate a minimum of three minutes with the POWER levers in FI or below before shutdown to ensure proper ITT stabilization. Approach, landing and taxi time may be included in the three minute period if 20% torque has not been exceeded. 5.INV, GEN switches -OFF 6.Starter switch -STOP and hold for 5 seconds ot until engine RPM drops again. 7.POWER levers -REVERSE between 60 to 30% RPM to engage the starter locks. 8.SEAT BELT/NO SMOKE switches -OFF 9.Avionics -OFF 10.POWER levers -FI below 10% RPM. 11.iNTERNAL CONTROL LOCKS -As required. 12.LIGHTS switches -As required. 13.MASTER BATT switches -OFF. Hope that helps :)
  23. I remember being a passenger on a MD8* many moon's ago (ENTC-ENFB*) that should have lasted 1:50 but we shaved off more than 30 minutes. I remember the captain making the announcment that we were flying faster than the speed of sound at some point. Don't know if he reported it because I tried to google, but only came up with a B737 doing the almost exact same thing in the opposite direction about 12 years ago. The article quote the captain at doing 1140 km/h at one time during the trip. Apparently they shaved 30 minutes off the trip as well. *ENFB = Fornebu, the old airport of Oslo before Gardermoen took over.
  24. My biggest concern is not the 64 bit issue, or for that matter that "it looks the same" argument. I have P3Dv3 (been with P3D since the beginning, FSX before that, FS2k4, FS2k2 -> all the way to dot's on a green/blue screen) and it works great for me, never had any OOMs on any sim I've ever had since the days of Noah. But what I am a bit disappointed with, is that core functions aren't addressed, updated or rewritten while they were at it, and now I'm thinking primarely of flight models. If helicopter and turboprops still rely on the same flight models as yester years, I'm out. And the same goes for scenery engine, if it's still the old limited amount of textures within a region, it's certainly a missed opportunity. But this last part is hard to judge if it is or not since the default scenery in any case would be ported over anyway, but I haven't read the SDK yet so this is of course speculations on my part, for now. But if anyone knows anything about this particular matter, feel free to chime in. I'm on the fence as far as new sims are concerned, but I heared that FSW is going to update the flight model for at least helicopters, though in due time (what ever that means). But still, those are ambitions, which in no way is bad to have, but it still means it's not even in the horizon and we don't even know what to expect as far as fidelity goes. So I got P3dv3 and XP11 now, and for now they cover my needs.
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