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  1. Restart Xp, the activation thing often leaves you hanging until you restart the sim itself. Until then it still acts as if it hasn't been activated even if you have activated it and it say's reload the aircraft. It should say "restart x-plane" if you ask me :).
  2. Well first off, I was thinking of, and refering to Orbx's EGPB, my fault and I appologize :D Secondly I'm not seeing EGPO in your scenery.ini file, do you have a custom scenery installed or is it the default scenery that is out of whack? In this case I have no idea because it's fine on my end. Maybe posting a screenshot would help, sometimes a picture explains more than a thousand words?
  3. have you checked your graphics settings? After updating XP recently and when loading up the scenery I noticed the RWY, markings etc were all gone. Until I turned up the graphics setting wich had been set to default by the XP update without me noticing. And suddenly everything was back to normal :)
  4. Well it is an early access, or as I call it: eager access because it's very bare bone at the moment. Meaning this is for those who just can't wait and just want something to play with. But they have ambitions of adding functions as they go along, and increasing the price as they do, if you want to read more about it here's a link where your can read more about it and download the current "essentials" user guide (I asume it's the same that comes with the product). And you can browse through the devs forum (same link) and read what the beta testers and launch customers (he he) have to say. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/179675-infos-and-update-files/
  5. At the moment you have a virtual engeneer and you can tell him to trim for the various phases ie. ground, take-off, flight, decent and landing. The manual says that atm the engeneer panel has the basic functions but I don't know what that entails.
  6. It has been (pre) released now. Eager Access ....it has very limited autopilot systems.
  7. Just a heads up that all +40 of my paints have been updated to work with RC4 and have been uploaded to .org. Pluss two new ones as well as two more close to being released. :)
  8. Have you checked out this one? https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41874-mission-x/
  9. BTW, RC3 was released 6 hours ago, download the new version from your account at X-Rotors. ;)
  10. Thanks and you're welcome, more paints are on the way :) Well, I can't say I've experienced this particular problem, do you have readings on the MFD regarding the buses and generators? Is there any difference if you start with the option "engines running" ticked on? And are you running xplane 11.30 or above?
  11. Are you losing power while in flight? I don't see you mentioning the generators, make sure they are switched on.
  12. Swedish Search And Rescue https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50175-aw139-sjofartsverket/
  13. It is probably this one: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46982-seasons-winter-xp11/
  14. OK, gotha. I prefer steam gauges too. My conundrum is that Chieftains is more common where I fly and I like the commuter version too. I'll just have to mull a little while longer I guess lol But thanks anyways :)
  15. Can you expand on this, been thinking of one or the other but can't make up my mind.
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