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  1. F16_Driver

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    I'm sure I will probably like whatever they do (I will for sure like a new NG and a Max). But now that Boeing is buddying up with Embraer, I would love to see the E-series, or even an ERJ from PMDG.
  2. F16_Driver

    Strange Problem

    The same goes for the P3D/FSX version.
  3. F16_Driver

    Next product of PMDG

    From what I have heard some of the guys behind the TFDi 717 is working on a E-jet.
  4. Or maybe a DC-7 expansion? :D But yeah a 10-tank expansion would be nice.
  5. The bubble sextant is happily working in P3Dv4. :) Since the weather ship gauge is also XML based I am guessing it will work fine in v4 also.
  6. F16_Driver

    True original version with old radios?

    Please do. :)
  7. F16_Driver

    [08SEP16] Flight Planning Tools

    The high and the mighty was a DC-4. I see in the manual they mention a 10-tank setup and a 8-tank setup. I guess you get a few more NM with the 10-tanks.
  8. But the textures has a texture.cfg file that contains this. fallback.4=..\texture.common fallback.5=..\..\PMDG DC-6B\texture.common That means it will look first in the A common folder and if it can't find it there it will check in the B common folder. :)
  9. F16_Driver

    [08SEP16] Flight Planning Tools

    I have heard stories about how people living below the final approach path at Oslo knew the arrival times for the SAS DC-7's by heart so they knew when to collect their clothes hanging outside so they wouldn't get oil stains from the DC-7 engines.
  10. You have presets for cold and dark, ready for start and ready for taxi.
  11. F16_Driver

    777-300ER Expansion P3D v4 Conversion

    It's working in v4, the site is not updated yet. So feel free to buy it now and enjoy it in v4. :)
  12. F16_Driver

    [13JUL17] Quick update from us...

    they have said they intend to do it, but no timeline has ever been given.
  13. F16_Driver


    Norwegian has LED strobes on their newer 737-800 and are retrofitting older with them also I believe.
  14. F16_Driver

    Split Scimitars for the NGX

    The old 747 had a model only expansion of the 747-8.
  15. F16_Driver

    Obtaining new serial numbers for Carenado aircraft

    From what I have heard they haven't been the easiest bunch to deal with during the process. Hopefully they get their act together I also have a few Carenado aircraft bought over there. Needless to say I won't buy anything there anymore.