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  1. I had the same in the Majestic Q400. setting COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1 under [Graphics] in prepar3d.cfg seemed to help.
  2. I asked about the next releases on their facebook page and South America is next and then Europe. 🙂
  3. I'm sure I will probably like whatever they do (I will for sure like a new NG and a Max). But now that Boeing is buddying up with Embraer, I would love to see the E-series, or even an ERJ from PMDG.
  4. The same goes for the P3D/FSX version.
  5. From what I have heard some of the guys behind the TFDi 717 is working on a E-jet.
  6. Or maybe a DC-7 expansion? :D But yeah a 10-tank expansion would be nice.
  7. The bubble sextant is happily working in P3Dv4. :) Since the weather ship gauge is also XML based I am guessing it will work fine in v4 also.
  8. The high and the mighty was a DC-4. I see in the manual they mention a 10-tank setup and a 8-tank setup. I guess you get a few more NM with the 10-tanks.
  9. But the textures has a texture.cfg file that contains this. fallback.4=..\texture.common fallback.5=..\..\PMDG DC-6B\texture.common That means it will look first in the A common folder and if it can't find it there it will check in the B common folder. :)
  10. I have heard stories about how people living below the final approach path at Oslo knew the arrival times for the SAS DC-7's by heart so they knew when to collect their clothes hanging outside so they wouldn't get oil stains from the DC-7 engines.
  11. You have presets for cold and dark, ready for start and ready for taxi.
  12. It's working in v4, the site is not updated yet. So feel free to buy it now and enjoy it in v4. :)
  13. they have said they intend to do it, but no timeline has ever been given.
  14. Norwegian has LED strobes on their newer 737-800 and are retrofitting older with them also I believe.
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