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Learjet Intro video and some V speeds.

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Superb Job - David - you've got a knack for this...



Looking forward to see how this flight turns out...


Thanks for posting...



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Pretty hardcore


I don't have time to calc everything but this is a really nice video thanks


I used to want to preplan/preflight but with my three munchkins running around there is no way I can dedicate the time to that. I still like the climb tables though. Did anyone see the cruise tables in those RW manuals?

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Hi Ryan, I understand your time management issues! :-)


The Flight Manual has every conceivable chart. But not much reference to cruise settings. Must be a reference I haven't come across yet? However there are superb take off charts, including reduced power (assumed temperature or FLEX temp settings)



1. Assumed Temperature .................... 82 F

2. Ambient Temperature ................... 50°F

3. Reduced Thrust Setting .............. 93.2% N 1

At the parameters given in the graph.


The next job is getting some of this into a PFPX profile...? Unless someone out there has done one already?





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