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Hi, i have a thing that bothers me a lot, i see all the topics here for search this bug but i cant found nothing,

In the RL with master battery off, (cold and dark) the Hidraulic Pression Indicator must read 0, or dont have any indication, you must pass the battery on and get one engine started to have  hidraulic pression, have indication in the instrument, this is a MUST in the commander family planes, the hidraulic pression, 

In the Shrike commander of carenado with all cold and dark, all off, the instrument have Pression, its alive, theres no WAY to get in to 0 pression, the instrument dont have any movement, as a commander pilot this is the first thing that i see in the panel...... that little needle have pression with neither the battery on or an engine running,

There is any thing that i can do to make this indicator work? ...... having in 0 on cold and dark... and see in raising pressure with the engine running?? some line on the .xml archive, some thing? ....




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I sent you a fix to try...

For others that may be interested in this:

In the Gauge_Update_Dig.xml file (search for it in the panel folder) , there is
the following code:

(A:Gear hydraulic pressure,psi) 10 / (>L:GEAR_HYDRAULIC_PRESSURE,number)
(L:GAUGE_CLOCK_A500S_INIT) 0 == if{

This means that the value gets set to 55 and left there.

The xml convention for comments is  <!-- Comment -->

If you change that to:

(A:Gear hydraulic pressure,psi) 20 / (>L:GEAR_HYDRAULIC_PRESSURE,number)

(L:GAUGE_CLOCK_A500S_INIT) 0 == if{
<!-- 55 (>L:GEAR_HYDRAULIC_PRESSURE,number) -->

it starts to work..




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Hello Bert.  Would you give me another clue where to find the Gauge_Update_Dig.xml please. In my Shrike panel folder I only have four folders - F1GTNSTACK.ini,  info.bmp, panel.cfg and Thumbs.db.  If it's in the Thumbs.db what program do you use to open it?


Bruce R


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