A Look Inside UPS Worldport Cargo Hub

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AeroSavvy takes a look inside UPS' massive Louisville Worldport, which is their main hub for global cargo flights. Every night the place ramps up to full capacity, with over a hundred cargo flights arriving, unloading, sorting, getting re-loaded, and heading back to points all around the world.

The full article:

Videos from the article:


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For giggles, you can reduce the video rate to the slowest speed possible.

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I remember being on the 727-100's in 1982. UPS bought the planes but had Orion, Ryan and Evergreen pilots flying them. The DC-8s came along with the 747 classics. SDF was a small airport then. Seeing the growth was amazing. UPS and DHL bought the IPX certificate from IPX then UPS bought it completely in 1987. That's how they got the 5X designation. UPS was the fastest formed Airline. At one point they considered training existing employees to be pilots rather than hiring from outside the company.

People think Fed Ex was the first  overnight air company. UPS was doing it before the great depression. They stopped during the depression but then started back up long before Fed Ex with Red Label and Blue Label Air. They used existing belly space of other carriers to deliver the packages.  Seems like yesterday I was there for the first new build 757 PF in 1987.  

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Our warehouse is actually on site there.  So, whatever a customer needs gets to them next day.

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