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Hi all,

I used the Delete Generated Files feature to resolve an issue i was having with P3D V4, I have noticed though that most of my scenery addons that were in the scenery.cfg files are no longer working in the sim. All the files are still installed in the correct location but it seems using the Delete Generated Files feature has removed them all.

Do i need to reinstall all these sceneries to enable them in the scenery.cfg again? Or is there another way around this? 

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Check your %ProgramData%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 folder for any backups of the scenery.cfg file. If you do not have any backup file you can add your addon sceneries through the scenery library menu within the simulator.


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I have the same problem, as I upgraded graphics card and (stupidly) made myself a problem. Please help me with a solution how to uninstall and reinstall A320x into P3D v4.1

FSLabs A320X being very demanding while using Orbx and AS16 but still willing to fly A320X not only in 300m fog made (to have 20-30 fps) me change my graphics card from GTX 970 to GTX 1080Ti 11GB.

So I installed new GTX 1080Ti and I knew I have to somehow delete some cfg files to rebuilt new cfg files for new much better graphics card I searched google and found "Delete Generated Files" and this helped to rebuilt all things in P3D v4.1 but put all Orbx Scenery Layers out, which I rebuilt it using their FTX Central 3 application, but FSLabs A320X disappeared from the airplanes list. PMDG planes stayed intact, also some other sceneries.

How to get FSLabs A320X back as it is still installed?

So I wanted to uninstall it starting with XX livery (only one installed), then Spotlights uninstall and these two uninstalled fine.

But then I wanted to uninstall airplane itself but it gives me a failure to uninstall, crashing the uninstaller.

So I said, lets just copy files all over again wanting to start installer without previous uninstall. No go also, crashing installer now.

So now I successfully installed back Spotlights and XX livery and when starting P3D v4.1 as administrator, but I can still not find FsLabs A320X in aircraft list.

What can I do to correct the "registry" in P3D?


Thank you.


Kind regards.

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1 hour ago, JeppPad said:

What can I do to correct the "registry" in P3D?

The best way to correct the registry is to reinstall the product but you can also try restoring your computer to an earlier time before you were having these issues.

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I've seen recommendations to use the Delete Generated Files batch utility and thought to myself, "holy cow, what about Orbx and other addons that do not use the SDK method of xml files for addons?"  This answers my question.  Best to always manually delete the generated files ensuring you know what you are doing.  For example, don't delete scenery cfg unless you are prepared to reinstall Orbx, and maybe keep backups of the dll.xml and exe.xml files before you delete in the event you need to add back an addon module.  What a mess the poor OP has gotten themselves into.

There are some program removal programs out there that can remove entries from the registry for programs in cases like this, that might help get things back in sync.

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@Jim Young Thank you Jim for your reply. Reinstall is where I ran into problems.


I get Error window saying: Runtime error (at 209:215): Could not call proc.

If I try run over installer without uninstalling first, I run into problems also.


Setup/Uninstall stopped working window pop-up: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

And Error window pop-up:

Runtime error (at -1:0): Cannot Import dll: <utf8>C:Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp\is-70NLQ.tmp\FSInstallerLib.dll


Perhaps I will try with system restore, but I am not sure if all the files will come back as they are not listed in Programs with changes. Or shall I first try Registry cleaner? Or try new FSLabs install in Windows Safe Mode if it behaves differently there?

And not to mention I had a clean install including Win7 and P3D v4.1 and now managed to make a stupid click...

@downscc Orbx was fine, one click on FTX Central solved all, restored as it was. Also 29Palms sceneries intact, in PMDG I had to reinsert serial numbers only. Perhaps I will try your way of forcing uninstall. Normally I am very cautious about every step but this got me as I expected a confirmation window on which files/folders to delete and another Confirm, are you sure to delete...

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14 minutes ago, JeppPad said:

Runtime error (at 209:215): Could not call proc

This runtime error seems to show up the most with Malwarebytes.  Do you have that program and did you exclude it from scanning your FS folder?  I'm not saying you have malware but it does not like to be uninstalled!  I would run a Windows Defender scan or, if you have Anti-Malwarebyes, check your quarantine folder.  These programs love to give false positives thinking P3D and P3D addons are viruses.

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22 minutes ago, JeppPad said:

Or shall I first try Registry cleaner?

I would try the IOBit uninstaller, or other such utility but I've had this on my workstation at various times.  This is not a registry cleaner.., that sounds a little too aggressive; rather an advanced uninstaller is perfect for those cases such as yours where you have to install an application or module that was not properly uninstalled and therefore still has a footprint in the registry.  This is a rifle approach instead of a shotgun.  The uninstaller will remove the footprints from the registry, and if desired do a deep clean which removes all files including hidden.  I think it is a matter of picking the right tool for the job. 

Also what Jim advised regarding scans.

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Thank you for all the answers, but @Jim Young 's answer made me think if it is perhaps truly the Antivirus program that is blocking uninstall/install process so I gave it a try and rebooted into Windows Safe mode (run-->msconfig-->Boot tab-->Boot with Networking due to eSellerate online activation), where I uninstalled without problems all items (FSLabs A320X, Spotlights, one Livery) and rebooted back, but still the installation did not want to go though (most likely antivirus program BitDefender blocking access somehow, will inspect) so I went back to Safe Mode with Networking and there installed without any problem.

Somehow this "best rated antivirus program" Bitdefender hijacked my PC, so he protects some things instead of me being in control, which is what I do not like. I was using Kaspersky many years, as it was popular here in Europe, but changed recently due to bad reputation...

I am sure I am not the first, not the last to get fooled with this Delete Generated Files so my advice to future readers of this thread is to go into Safe Mode and do uninstall/install there as it does not get messed up by various (Antivirus) programs meaning being as Win95/98 used to be once, where user was controlling access to files.


Thank you very much for all the help given.

(A320 type-rated pilot)

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12 hours ago, JeppPad said:

"best rated antivirus program" Bitdefender

I don't know about this statement.  I would guess that's what it states on their website.  Any anti-virus program can create unwanted havoc on your computer system.  If you have Windows 10, they force you to use their "free" anti-virus/anti-malware program called Windows Defender and that's the only program you should be using as it is very good and constantly updated.  As long as your firewall is turned on (and should never ever be turned off), you are safe from most evil activity on the Internet.  Most browsers are also set up to block malware and tell you if you are going to a malicious website.  I can almost guarantee there is no FS software on commercial and freeware sites that has not been scanned for viruses (we do it here on AVSIM in the Library) so downloading from FS sites is very safe IMHO. 

Best regards,


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