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Great looking airports in the Pacific Northwest...wonderful place to fly!


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> It´s KAWO by AirFoilLabs.

Wow, thank you Nils. You just made my day. I had no idea that anyone was even working on Arlington. It is/was the next on my list for personal improvement with WED, but of course I could do nothing close to this quality. My Dad lives in Arlington, and it looks like his cabin 'might' even be part of the scenery looking at the previews. I won't know until I get it loaded tonight and try it out. Amazingly, I DID actually spot my Mothers grave marker in a preview!!! That is amazing, not only that it is there, but that that specific location of the scenery area was selected as a preview shot. Amazing.

I hear that it is a real challenging scenery to run, which has me concerned, as I don't have the best system around. We'll see... 

Thanks again for tipping me off to this scenery.


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