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Steve Dra

Challenge accepted!

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Brian sent me a text asking me to fly a short hop from PANC to PAWS...noting that the weather there was bad and I may have to go missed if it was below mins.

Anyway, as weather in Alaska is, by the time I flew the flight the weather was underwhelming as you can see actually looked worse on departure from PANC:


As I taxied in, I saw my plane's long lost brother! hehe...pretty unusual to another 337, much less an AI bird.


Not wanting to disappoint Brian, I cranked the weather to right at mins at PANC for the return trip and let my RXP GTN 750 help me get on the ground safely.

Heading back to PANC...between the layers, getting ready to dip into the lower layer...The GTN helped me to quickly setup the approach with all the headings and freqs.

I reversed the colors on the map as it was getting dark and that white map on the screen can destroy your night vision.  You just click the menu button and reverse the colors...simple.


About to kiss my horizon goodbye!


Annnnd...its gone...time to focus on the instruments...about the capture the localizer.


Hmmm....600 feet...still no runway....uhhhhhh.....:blink:


Ahh...there it is...right at mins.  I saw the lead in strobes so I knew I was good.

Here is an interesting angle....the 337 is a unique looking bird to say the least!

I pulled the GTN off the screen for this shot, but you can be sure I had the Safe Taxi® map up. :smile:

OK Brian...send more challenges my way, I'm sure I'll drill a plane into the ground if you give me enough chances! :laugh:




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6 minutes ago, thibodba57 said:

Was autocorrect....was supposed to go to Seward.  Oh well.

Lol...thought a 20 mile hop was a little short...odd they have 2 airports that close (PASW was only 50 or so from PANC) with names easy to transpose.

Was a fun trip nonetheless....thanks for suggesting it.  Gave me an excuse to pull the 337 out of the hangar...the TBM would have been overkill for these trips, hehe.

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Nice!  You gotta update your C337.  They released a model with 3D GTN 750 bezel.  (It's for F1 750 but will sort of work with rxp - you'd still need our popup)

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