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ILS Frequencies and Runway Headings Alterations

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The following airports, for example, Venice (LIPZ), Genoa (LIMJ) and Dublin landing Runway 28 (EIDW) seem to have changed frequencies and /or amended their runway headings.

Any ideas to help remedy these issues?

I am running P3D V3 and virtually flying the Aerosoft Airbus 318-321. I have tried to input other sourced ILS frequencies into the radnav but without much success!

Thanks for any help you can provide and apologies if I have duplicated this topic.


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On 4/11/2018 at 6:50 AM, Adrian123 said:

Only way to update Runway ILS frequencies is with modernized Afcads for the specific airport.

There are two ways.  If the airport is an addon and has an AF (AFCAD) file then you are correct.  The ILS is a part of the runway container and the runway belongs to an airport.  However, if there is no AF file (it is a default airport) then the best solution is to use the BGLNavEditor from Herve Sors to modify the bgl file that contains the default ILS and possibly the NVX bgl that contains other navaids such as VORs.  There is no need to create an AF file if one doesn't already exist.

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But keep in mind that the airports (payware) will not show the correct runway number if it has changed due to magnetic variation. I ran into this with FSDT and Virtuali had to change their numbering from their end.

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