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Carenado Fokker 50 & SAAB 340.

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I am thinking to get either Carenado Fokker 50 or SAAB 340 for p3d v4. I am fond of realistic airplane systems. I use PMDG Jetstream 41(in fsx), Majestic Dash 8 pro, flight1 King Air B200 G1000 and aerosoft Twin Otter extended.

Now, between Carenado Fokker 50 and SAAB 340, which one is better? Or any other dev working on better Fokker 50 or SAAB 340?

Thanks & regards,

Haseen Ahmad.

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You won't get something better than the DH8D. I'd say the F50 is better, though avionics are horrible. You can't really create a route, just use sid to star and that works barely... Also the autopilot is sketchy and quite slow. i'd say that if you own the GTN750, then go for it. Otherwise, just hold. Looks amazing, sounds are awesome, but systems are a true pain .

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Dear LH340fsn:

Thanks for your response. Previously I used Coolsky Precisioaerobus Fokker 50 for FS X which was quite ok. By the way, in carenado Fokker 50, does autopilot IAS hold mode work realistic i. e. maintains airspeed with pitch?



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If you do not own the GTN 750, I would say get neither..

If you do, they are both good.

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3 hours ago, haseen said:

in carenado Fokker 50, does autopilot IAS hold mode work realistic i. e. maintains airspeed with pitch?

I own both and enjoy them quite a bit, especially the Saab. The F50 is nice as well, but the flight deck looks more greyish, which might be how it is in real life.

Having said that, neither model has realistic procedures in the sense that everything you do has a consequence. You can turn all knobs and follow amplified checklists, but if you are making a mistake, the consequences won't be as dire as in the Majestic Dash 8.

The FMC is extremely basic in both airplanes (it is the same, I think). You have to enter all waypoints each time you fly, otherwise it won't do a lot. However, I really don't mind that much since the planes are used for short flights where FMC is not that important. I don't think IAS hold works, but it has been a while since I tried. I just set a specific VS and adjust throttle accordingly.


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Saab340.....are there any rw pilots of this aircraft that have this add On? Your thoughts? I flew one for a few years and just shy of 2000 hours and would like to have one for P3d4.


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