is it just me or is DCS a painto set up control profiles?

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OK, maybe I'm a numpty.

It would be nice if when you're trying to set up your HOTAS for the sim, that you could actually click the button you want to add rather than having to guess or refer to a drawing of the joystick buttons every time.

Your thoughts? Plus why is ED forums such a word not allowed at letting you reset passwords. I am a human, yet it refuses to let me in!

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It's just different, I wouldn't say it's a PITA.  Once you get used to it, you're in!

The sim has come a long way since the F/A-18 Simulator days (no, the company/products aren't related to DCS unless of course you understand that Matt Wagner was the Project Manager for both of them), but there are a LOT of things that Matt brought with him from his EA days.

The premium aircraft and base sim continue to improve, and I'm looking forward to even better graphics during the coming year.

The one thing I will bash Eagle Dynamics for time and time and time again is their significantly limiting their customers by the EULA that third party developers have to contend with.  Dino's F-35 is an INCREDIBLE aircraft in most every respect, but we won't see it in DCS, and we've lost other third party aircraft due to this as well.

Best wishes.


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It's you! j/k here. Just give it a chance and you'll have it mastered.

If it wasn't for FSUIPC, I don't know how I would cope with the stock P3D controller setup.

The best thing, IMO, about DCS' scheme is the assignment per aircraft along with the Axis Tuning feature. The ability to tune controller axis per aircraft is essential if you fly different aircraft routinely.

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Quick answer is YES. I tried to get into DCS a few moons ago (peer pressure) and gave up in total frustration. I came back to it and persevered. What I have decided id the best way forward is to wipe out all the default controls and assign only those you need. There are so many inputs most of which you will never use. On one aircraft, forget which, there was a button for emptying the in flight urinal!

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Start with your Axis controls and work from there.It's just a bit different but nothing insurmountable. 

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I've finally found a) the two wires that had been trapped and snipped inside the joystick, so they all now working. b) the diagram online for the actual number of each joystick and throttle button. Printed it out and it will make assignment a lot easier. 

I have been working on my Joystick extension, and it's very much work in progress. Far too much travel right now, but, I can shorten it with the R/C car shock length and position adjustment.

Springs are far too soft too but that's ok on the UH1.  We'll get there soon. It's awesome in VR too.

Just waiting on some better quality shocks and stronger springs and I'll be happy.


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Ho hum. The position adjustment on the shaft has galled. (welded the threads to the piece). Not HP. Luckily, I'm back working so if I save a few pennies over the next few months Mr Brunner may be sending me a CLS-e to solve my problems.

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