Removing Traffic Global Airport Facilities Scenery?

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Hello all,


I have just gone to that Aero navdata site to update my sim to the latest Airac. While Make Runways extracts the correct runway data from the scenery CFG, the go to airport dialog does not reflect these changes, and I think its due to Traffic Global.


Global's previous addon, Traffic 360 for FSX, had an Airport Facilities scenery item found in the scenery dialog. I simply deleted it and suddenly runways/gates were correct and I can choose the correct one, since the aero navdata updates the scenery.cfg.

Since Global appears not to have a scenery item for its Airport Facilities, and I sure as heck don't want to edit it manually--I just wish it'd use the scenery.cfg file, what's the best way to fix this?


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I'm having a little trouble fully understanding your issue.

When I have trouble with Global conflicting with other airport add-ons, search for the airport code I need corrected in the "Airport Facilities" and change the name of the airport file Global's Airport Facilities to "off".

For example:


Sorry if this doesn't solve your problem but maybe give you an idea.

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 Are you sure it's not in your scenery.cfg (C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4)? If not, check in your C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\TrafficGlobal folder to see if the Airport files are listed in the add-on.xml. If so you can edit it out if you want them gone (I know I sure did in the time that I was trying out TG). 

The folder itself is stored in your C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\TrafficGlobal\AirportFacilities.

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You should have a Traffic Global Airport Facilities Folder in your P3Dv4 Scenery but to avoid conflict it should be moved to just above the base Scenery folders and below ORBX if you have it and your addons, you can if you wish delete a CAD file that you think my be conflicting in that folder, in fact TG will still work without TG Airport Facilities folder it will just work off your addons and base AFCAD files, but you will see less traffic as the base AFCADs have less parking spots of the correct size unless you edit them with ADE, if you have ORBX and you do not create a correct insertion point that will also cause problems with your addons as ORBX has CAD files in the scenery.

Scenery order is critical in P3D and tends to be the cause many problems if not correct. 

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