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Hi guys,

I fly Phenom 300 with Navigraph extension. I do fill flight plan starting by selecting the departure and the SID. Then the arrival including a STAR before entering all WP of the route. So far everything is OK. Until the controller assigns me a different STAR. I tried to delete the existing arrival procedures but when I add a new arrival where my cursor is located on the airfield of arrival, all points are merged within the route and my route looks like a sparkling star...

i could not find anywhere on the web any tutorial to change the STAR inflight (could also be needed on the ground while preparing the flight....)  

I am keen to be explained

thanks in advance

Thanks for your help


P3D v4.3, W10-64

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Hi Bruno.

I am not sure if this is what you mean, but this works for me. I make use of the GCU477 unit to make all of my entries. My home base is Edinburgh EGPH so let's fly south to London Stansted. After entering the Departure Airport EGPH and the SID GOSA1C and RW24 with no TRANSITION the waypoints of the SID are shown in the SEQUENCE box at the bottom. Then select LOAD? and hit ENT

I then press the PROC softkey again and scroll to SELECT ARRIVAL and hit ENT. I then use the outer knob to clear the Airport data entry line and enter EGSS by using the unit's keypad and then hit ENT. STANSTED is displayed in the Airport box. I then hit ENT again to select the ARRIVAL. Using the outer knob I scroll to LORE3G and hit ENT. There are no TRANSITIONS so ENT and no RUNWY so again hit ENT. The waypoints are shown in the SEQUENCE box and LOAD? is flashing. Hit ENT to load the arrival.

I then use the PROC key again to select and load the APPROACH for the appropriate runway and TRANSITION. Then I check it all by using the FPL key. All is well.

However, tower then inform me that Stansted have changed the runway in use and advise an arrival via the ASKEY STAR. I have to hit the PROC key and scroll to SELECT ARRIVAL and hit ENT. EGSS is still active so ENT again to select the ARRIVAL option. By using the outer knob I scroll to the ASKE4Q ARRIVAL and hit ENT. NO TRANSITION so ENT and no RUNWY so ENT. LOAD? is now flashing so again ENT.

This has now changed the ARRIVAL from the LORE3G to the ASKE4Q STAR. the FPL key will show the new waypoints. This is an extreme change from coming in from the north to one from the south but it illustrates how I change things. Please reply and let me know the airport you were trying to change the STAR for and I will have a go at it.

This works for me but I know that things can be a bit iffy for some folks in this aircraft. I find it okay though.


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Hi Bruno.

I have just noticed that you are using P3D ver4.3 with W10-64. I am also on W10-64 but I fly using FSX. I have noted that people are having problems with P3d v4. Perhaps that is the source of your problem. Still let me know the airport and STARS you are trying to change and I'll see if I can make the change in FSX.


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