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A few historic Lufthansa Liveries

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This quick post is prompted by a bit of (separate) discussion today about how good (really) is the new Lufthansa livery, and how deserving it is of its rich history...

After changing to its current livery in the 1960s — blue tail with yellow circle, blue stylized crane in the circle, blue cheat-line down a largely white fuselage — Lufthansa had remained faithful to this model. Throughout the years, all their liveries have, at least, featured the classic Lufthansa yellow. In the 1990s, the amount of grey on the undersides became smaller, but the livery overall remained the same.

But that has changed recently - since Feb. 2018 — a big piece of that identity has gone away, upsetting aviation enthusiasts all over the globe (including possibly some folks here...🙂...). Lufthansa has unveiled a new livery for its airplanes that does away with the iconic yellow on the tail.

I'm myself a bit biased toward the Lufthansa livery...having travelled many times in it....BTW, if you are interested, you may refer back to one of my earlier (related) posts, "Legacy of the "Flying Crane" - on a "Jumbolino"".

Anyway, below, are a few Lufthansa aircraft/livery samples from the bygone era (not exhaustive but from what I found ready at hand)...there are images here of Connie (3), Viscount, 737 and 707 (a Luftwaffe 707 plus a normal). I've also included their new (and controversial?) livery on an A380. Enjoy. [FW(Connie),CS(707/737),FW(A380)]









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Loved the iconic yellow elements of the various classic liveries. It’s sad that they have cast this aside with their new colour scheme.


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Excellent idea.

And as you wrote - some folks here like the yellow very much 😶. For my taste, the mid 70ies livery (737 and 707) is the nicest one, but taste my vary.

Perhaps the problem of the newest livery isn't the missing yellow alone, but the blue of the fin torn down towards the belly. It seems to be borrowed from another airline paint scheme - or from another airlines' paint schemes; nothing individual anymore.

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