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As real as it gets in the virtual world?

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How can anyone downvote this?

Jude Bradley
Beech Baron: Uh, ATC, verify you want me to taxi in front of the 747?
ATC: Yeah, it's OK. He's not hungry.

X-Plane 11 and P3D v4

System specs: Windows 10  Pro 64-bit, i9-9900KF  Gigabyte Z390 RTX-2070, 32GB RAM  1X 1TB M2 for X-Plane 11, 1x 500GB SSD for P3Dv4, 1x256GB SSD for OS.

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That is awesome! 

Greg G


i7-8700K, MSI Z370, EVGA 1080Ti, GTX 750Ti, 16GB GSkill, 500GB SSD, (2) 480GB SSDs, 50" 4K, 2 32" side screens, 1 11" display, RealSImGear GTN750, Win10,

P3DV4.4, XP11, GoFlight equipped, Saitek radio, Brunner CLS-E NG Yoke.


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3 hours ago, vortex681 said:

even with motion feedback

Just look at the guy in the trailer... hilarious!

As for road safety, it's a big no-go though... Forbidden here in the EU.

But fantastic engineering ;)



Vital Vanbeginne

OneDrive Picture Library: http://1drv.ms/1XJppeh


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A true full-motion simulator!

 i7-6700k | Asus Maximus VIII Hero | 16GB RAM | MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X Plus | Samsung Evo 500GB & 1TB | WD Blue 2 x 1TB | EVGA Supernova G2 850W | AOC 2560x1440 monitor | Win 10 Pro 64-bit

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Looking through the prop like that would drive me nuts. No thanks. 

Thank you.


 $ Bronze Donor

EAA 1317610   



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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, 188AHC said:

Looking through the prop like that would drive me nuts. No thanks. 

You have a strong point!  Still it must be fun to do that, and fly from such a point of view.  But when it comes to real flight, I like to feel the vibration of the aircraft, if open cockpit the wind on my face and body, and the internal whiffs of fuel fumes from time to time to know I am doing the real deal.  The coolest full motion sim I have ever been on is Disney's "Soaring over California", as it uses air blown from fans just above the rider's seats, and scents mixed with the air, plus well timed movement, to give the sights, smells and sounds of flight. 

My ex wife rode it before I did because I had been on earlier full motion simulators like Star Tours and did not find the experience realistic or pleasant, too nauseating as there was no interaction with the sights, smells and sounds around me.  After she went on the ride she convinced me to walk from our Disneyland Hotel back over to California Adventure, on a rainy night, to experience the attraction.  I just loved it, I even have a video of the ride and since I was on the real ride, I use body language unconsciously, lol, from my muscle memory of the original ride.

When my daughter was small, and had gone on the ride, I would fire up FS2000 or FS2002 back then and let her fly my sim, and I would move her little plastic chair with my hands so she could feel like she was flying for real.  She loved it and I continued to do that until she got a bit too heavy, lest I'd break the chair, lol!

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