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Bad FPS In Game With Certain Aircraft and Views

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Hello all, I'm using Prepar3d V4.4

I have been trying to work out for a couple of days why I'm not getting a good steady FPS.

With Cardiff (EGFF) being my home airport I have been tweaking and testing there but I am finding that when I sit on the end of Rwy 30 and I am getting between 30-45 outside the aircraft but once into the cockpit I am down to less than 20 FPS but I am unsure how this can be. I have tried to look to see if anybody had any similar problems and I couldn't find anything that was what I am experiencing. but when I am in the default F22 I am getting 30 or above in the cockpit and on the outside it can get anywhere from 35 - 60 at a push sometimes.

I was wondering if anybody else is or has experienced this problem and got any tips to help get a hopefully stable 30 FPS inside and out at Cardiff would be a dream come true as well. 





My Specs:

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight Core running at a base speed of 3.2 GHz

MSI Nvidia GeForce RTX2060 6GB

MSI X370 Gaming Motherboard

650W Power SupplyCooler Master MLiquid Lite 240

4TB HDD Storage. 


Thank you and Happy Flying 


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In my experience the cockpit view is normally harder on FPS as it has to render/refresh all of the cockpit displays.  This is especially apparent on aircraft with glass cockpits.


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I have almost the same hardware as yourself, although my GFX card is a 1070Ti

I also lament the lack of fps in situations like yourself, especially when neither the GPU or the CPU are anywhere near maxing out. In fact I was thinking just that last night where I was getting 28fps (just below the 1/2 vsync range which makes it stuttery) yet neither GPU or CPU were anywhere near operating at capacity, in fact I decided to perform a video conversion with some CPU intensive shapening while flying around in P3D, CPU use shotup to 98% across all 16 cores but P3D remained @ 28 fps.

I've found there often seems to be no practical way to get the fps up to an acceptable level and even then it's all over the place (by acceptable I mean at least high enough to allow a 1/2 60 Hz vsync i.e. 30 fps), I hope LM are working on a solution because for all it's plus points it is disapointing to not be able to fly smoothly.

And before those who say I must lower my expectations and settings, I have played with settings extensively and there is very little settings wise that seems to greatly affect fps (provided you're not maxing out your GPU that is). The greatest fps improvements seem to be when photoreal scenery is in use, or turning off buildings and 3D objects altogether (draw distance comes into play here as well). With photoreal scenery (BlueSky for example) I can run P3D at accepable frames rates with practically all settings at max.

The above said my sim does run pretty well most of the time, plus I've overclocked the CPU to 4.1 Ghz and the GPU to 2025 Ghz.

I'd say get a get a GPU and CPU monitoring tool and tune based on keeping your GPU at clost to 100% as possible without actually hitting 100%, I use CPUID HWMonitor to see what is going on and have build a series of P3D GFX profiles where I can select a less intensive profile should the fps get too low.

A also think bit of CPU overclocking will help in your situation (easy to do with the modern BIOS).

If you'd like to review the sort of settings I use and subsequent perfomance, please have a look at the below vid as it includes the settings used.

Riva Tuner Statistics Server vsyncing @ half monitor 60hz for 30 fps @ L35 Big Bear airport

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What aircraft are you using where you are getting under 20 fps?  Also, are you using AI traffic of any kind?  It is definitely normal to get significantly less FPS in the VC vs. outside view.


P3D v4.5    i7-6700k @ 4.4 GHz, Nvidia GTX 1080ti, 32GB ddr4 RAM, 1TB EVO 850 SSD, Samsung CRG90 49", Win 10

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As noted above, which aircraft are you using when it's not the default F-22? The FSLabs A320-series is a seriously resource heavy add-on. Some other developers' aircraft can put a large strain on resources.

3.2 Ghz is slow for P3D. The good news is that the 1700 can be overclocked to 3.9, maybe even 4.0 Ghz, with a good cooler. Look up online how to do this and remember to keep the voltage below 1.4v and temps below 75°C.

I found turning off hyperthreading (called SMT for AMD) in my bios helped reduce CPU temperature and marginally improve performance. Though making this change depends on whether you can live without hyperthreading for your other uses / programs on your PC.

A few more thoughts for you to try:

- Move your cloud coverage density slider down from maximum to high.
- Turn off either terrain or simulation objects shadows in the cast column.
- Move your autogen vegetation density slider down from extremely dense to ultra.
- What are your traffic settings? Airline, GA traffic and road vehicles have a significant effect. Move the sliders to the left, even as low as 20%.

Are you using a 3rd party EGFF? I find all UK2000 airports to be rather heavy on FPS, as they are not optimised for P3D as well as other developers' efforts. That could be putting on extra strain when you are in the cockpit.

Ryzen 3700X 4.4GHz(PBO) / Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 / ASUS GTX 1070 O8G / 32GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 MHz / triple monitor

WIN 10 Pro + P3Dv4 + PTA + EnvTex + FS Global Ultimate NG + ORBX + ASP4 + Rex SF 3D + ChasePlane
PMDG 737NGX / QW787 / AS A32x A330 / MJC Dash 8
/ A2A PA-28 / JF C152 / PA A380 / PMDG 777 / FeelThere E-Jets v2

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22 hours ago, regis9 said:

In my experience the cockpit view is normally harder on FPS as it has to render/refresh all of the cockpit displays.  This is especially apparent on aircraft with glass cockpits.

I new that inside was going to be a hit but i didn't realise how big of a hit it was going to be


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