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Few Questions RE: Prepar3d v5

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Was preparing to make the switch over to v4.5 (from FSX) while waiting to see MSFS2020 brings, just as v5 was announced, so decided to wait and see how it was being received by more experienced users of the Prepar3d platform.

After following many of the v5 threads and seeing a number of  users with 8GB GPU's having issues with excessive VRAM usage, I began to question whether or not v5 would be a sound decision in it's current state and recognizing the limitations of system hardware.

System specs:

i7-8700 CPU

32 GB 2666MHz RAM

Nvidia GeForce RTX2060 Super 8GB Founders Edition GPU

Screen Res. 1920 x 1080 Refresh Rate 60Hz  (No VR / 4K or multiple monitors in use)

Add Ons: FT Toronto, Orbx Global, Open LC NA, HD Building, HD Trees (possibly with Terra Flora) Active Sky (when beta complete) JF Traffic Global (when v5 compatible....when it's actually complete is another question altogether)

               QW757 (majority of sim time is spent in corporate, but will log some time in the 757 for longer haul and for a change)

So the questions are:

1. With conservative settings, would it be possible to run v5 in a reasonable condition, knowing that results will always vary, or is the 8GB RTX2060 Super going to be the choke point that prevents it?

2. Would the excessive VRAM usage issue be addressed by LM in a subsequent v5 update? Or will high VRAM usage just be a condition of running v5 due to some of the changes made to the program from v4 or v4.5?

3. Was excessive VRAM an issues in v4.5? Not sure if it would be worthwhile choosing to go with v4.5, (outside of the fact that some add ons are already compatible with it) knowing that v5 will be where LM and devs will primarily direct most future development to, but should v4.5 be a consideration in light the 8GB GPU?

I realize that opinions will vary on these questions, and some, possibly all of them, may not have definitive answers, but thought this would be the best forum to ask users what their experience has been with v4.5 and v5 while trying to decide what direction to go with this. Any advice or recommendations on the above questions is much appreciated.


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1) you don't say your clock speed on the 8700 but if at least 4ghz you should do just fine with your system and moderate settings

2) Yes and with the w10 update on the horizon that will free up an additional 1g - you should be fine unless you load up  with mlots of high res addons

3) not an issue

I think you will do fine with your system.



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RIG#1 - 7700K 5.0g ROG X270F 3600 15-15-15 - EVGA RTX 3090 1000W PSU 1- 850G EVO SSD, 2-256G OCZ SSD, 1TB,HAF942-H100 Water W1064Pro
40" 4K Monitor 3840x2160 - AS16, ASCA, GEP3D, UTX, Toposim, ORBX Regions, TrackIR
RIG#2 - 3770K 4.7g Asus Z77 1600 7-8-7 GTX1080ti DH14 850W 2-1TB WD HDD,1tb VRap, Armor+ W10 Pro 2 - HannsG 28" Monitors

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Agree with Vic. On close inspection many (not all) of the complaints come with complicated setups, large screens, overloaded or just poorly maintained or over maintained systems. Read grape-vine hacks here. Complaining about everything is a sport around here. Now some things definitely need another hot fix and understand that TrueSky is a baby beta in 5. But your system should be fine.



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Clayton Scott

Win10 Pro x64v2004 -256GB M.2 600p | Prepar3D v5.0 hf2 -512GB M.2 960Pro | Storage -1TB 850 Pro
Z270 XPower Titanium / i7-7700K @4.7GHz-H115i / 32GB Trident Z @3200MHz 14-14-14-34
GTX1070 Quicksilver (451.48) | 34W 2560x1080 | Crystal 460X-AX860i


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Thanks Vic....sorry about that....the clock speed and additional CPU information is:

i7 8700 Coffee Lake

6 Core / 12 Thread

Base Clock speed 3.2 GHz

Max Boost speed  4.6 GHz

L3 Cache 12 MB

Possible a little bit close to the minimum on the base clock speed


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Thanks Clayton

I realize it's still early days with v5 and there very likely will be improvements as it progresses.

I'm just trying to get a feel for how other users are finding it before pulling the trigger on it, and knowing that 'full right' sliders are out of the question for my system, whether or not I would just be chasing the wind with the 8 GB GPU.

Thanks again

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Don't forget that LM has a 2 week satisfaction guarantee. so if you have 2 week to really use it a lot and see if it meets you expectations that would be good. Although I am very impressed with it I am having some issues with CTD's which are very frustrating. I'm sure they will eventually be sorted out. You probably already know that many FSX addons will not work in P3D V5 and never will without buying them again. Coming from FSX visuals make sure you're sitting down when you start up Prepar3D V5. We wouldn't want you falling over and hitting your head!😁

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You system will be fine with it. The main reason people are getting problems is because they are using the (entirely optional, i.e. you don't have to use it at all) TruSky atmospherics clouds option for their weather, which can be a bit of a VRAM hog.

Given that in V5, TruSky it is a beta feature, this is not a big surprise; anyone who gave Flight Sim World a try (which was also a beta) will know that TruSky can be a VRAM hog.

Alan Bradbury

Check out my youtube flight sim videos: Here

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Thanks for that.....I'll make sure the 5 point harness is tightly secured before start up to avoid the inevitable falling over and hitting my head from the improved visuals.

The spot on the wall that I bang my head against caused by FSX OOM's is getting really worn out....🤣

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I run a GTX 1060 with 6G's, I can run with totally acceptable (to me) settings (flying VFR) and when using an a2a plane, VRAM using about 3 gigs out of 5 (this is with that truesky thing enabled along with ASP3D and a lot of ORBX regions and sceneries. Frames locked at 29

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Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz (8 cores) Hyper on, Evga RTX 3060 12 Gig, 32 GB ram, Windows 11, P3D v 5, and MSFS 2020 and a couple of SSD's

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Thanks Chock

Definitely a learning curve involved for me where P3D is concerned, and have already found a lot of very useful information in following some of the threads posted here.

But the primary and most important thing to know first of all, was would the system be able to handle the platform with the current hardware.

Thanks again, appreciate the feedback.

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Thanks Jim

That's good information to know....I'm starting to feel more confident about v5.

We all have different ideas about what acceptable settings and visuals are, but in the end, as long as the person using it is pleased by what they're seeing and experiencing with it, that's all that really matters.

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