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OK MSFS setup?

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After few runds on forum I think I have landed on the following. Does it look ok for MSFS?

- GPU - Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 Super Windforce OC 3X HDMI 3xDP 8GB

- CPU - Intel Core i9 9900K 3.6GHz

- Memory - Team T-FORCE Vulcan Z 32GB 3200MHz RAM

- Storage - Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB SSD and two old drives - Samsung SSD 840 PROSeries 256GB and WD Desktop Black 2TB

- Case - NZXT H1

- Motherboard - ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING mini ITX

- Monitor 2560 x 1440 (Dell)

Any weak points or mistakes made? 🙂 

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Looks good if you will use 1080p or 1440p monitor, with a 4K monitor you will probably need a better GPU.

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| I9 10900K | 32Gb 3200MHz | RTX 2080 Ti | 1TB M.2 SSD | BenQ EX3501R | TM Hotas Warthog | VKB-SIM T-Rudder Pedals |

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I have a 2070 super for a 1440p monitor and for GA I get anywhere between 35-65 FPS depending on scene complexity with most stuff set to ultra (probably wouldn't get away with these settings for airliners but I don't fly them).

I actually got the Super Windforce card first but it had really bad coil whine so sent it back and got the MSI Gaming X Trio instead which has basically imperceptible cool whine and is very quiet under load overall. Maybe I got a dud Windforce card as coil whine can be a bit of a lottery but something to consider maybe as Amazon reviews do mention it and I've seen it mentioned elsewhere too. 

Edit: obligatory Nvidia 3000 cards coming very soon advice so might want to see how that goes before pulling any triggers. I was able to sell my 1080 for half what the 2070 super cost me so I'm good with getting it fairly recently but if you're buying outright might want to wait until early Sept. if you can. 

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With my specs, in signature below, when I initially installed, "Ultra was recommended".  Installation was very good after a 6 hour download.

My problems started after that, with a very unintuitive UI. Ultimately, I eventually found that every controller had a mapping for almost every command function and I was no longer surprised at the antics that were happening. I went through each controller and deleted the mapping for all functions that I do not use and then had to decide which controller I wanted to use for each function.  When assigning an axis or button function, I had to make sure that that assignment was a single assignment. Fortunately, when assigning that function, MSFS did state that it was being used by 2, 3 or four other devices.  After deleting all the other mappings a huge number of problems went away and the sim became enjoyable.  I still have a few problems, like ... after assigning "p" for pause, that takes me back to the previous menu which is assigned to "esc". pressing the esc key does nothing and I cannot for the life of me work out why.

The camera system also stymies me, but I have no previous experience with Ezidok or Chaseplane. That however, is just a matter of trial and error, remembering what keys do what and then limiting all those functions to about 10 views (including external) remembering to delete all the ones I do not require. (personal preference here and may not work for all of us) 

This has been a long and laborious process and I would dearly love to find out where this config is saved and to eventually make a copy of it with the changes ... for the future.  It has, however been worth the effort and MSFS, for me, is now quite a good sim. I cannot wait for the devs to remake their aircraft utilities and sceneries to make this sim truly superb. 

I apologize for going off track here and to get back to the OP topic, I think you may need to overclock your CPU (3.6GHZ may not work very well, particularly if you want to continue with P3D and XPlane)

Good luck and I genuinely hope you have a pleasant install and really enjoy this sim.




Tony Chilcott.


My System. Motherboard. ASRock Taichi X570 CPU Ryzen 9 3900x (not yet overclocked). RAM 32gb Corsair Vengeance (2x16) 3200mhz. 1 x Gigabyte Aorus GTX1080ti Extreme and a 1200watt PSU.

1 x 1tb SSD 3 x 240BG SSD and 4 x 2TB HDD

OS Win 10 Pro 64bit. Simulators ... FS2004/P3Dv4.5/Xplane.DCS/Aeroflyfs2...MSFS to come for sure.

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4K 40 FPS --- i7-9700K and an RTX2080.....Dev Mode in game active to get the Data pop up.  The Bottle Neck is the GPU.  Task Manager shows the GPU pegged at 98% and the CPU much much lower in the 60-70% ranges.

Also it fills up the 7.2GB of the 2080 Memory.....If I had a Ti and 11GB it might be better.....

Going to hold out for the 3080 or 3080ti 🙂

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Les O'Reilly

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