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CJ4 now broken for anyone else after update?

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Loaded in a flight plan, and entered game. Flight plan is not loading into sim, and the FMC is not working at all on the CJ4 jet.


anyone else??

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You mean, load a plan generated by Simbrief or other application or through MFS using the map and selecting Direct or Hi/Lo Airways?

Using the latter method, it works for me.

(Delete any mods you might have in the community folder.)

Richard Chafey


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Are you using the workingtitle-g1000 mod for the G1000.  Same happened to me until I removed it from the Community folder.  Posted about it and it is one of the active topics on the Avism home page.  Surprised you did not see it.

Frank Patton
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Seems to work fine but It still has reverse thrust even though they say it was removed... 

I fly mostly GA and Business jets around ORBX PNW | Im live near Boston so I also will fly in MA and ME |  KLEW- 3B1- KBED 

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Might as well get the word out. These mods are breaking aircraft. Now for every update the mods will need modded. 😉

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Yea, this is why we didn't release the CJ4 even as a beta before this update came out. There were changes in seven default files that impacted us on the CJ4:


What's a little amusing to me is that I've been through them all and incorporated the changes into our mod already for the CJ, but WITH the mod flight plans worked great, but I had weirdness without the mod installed. Strange for sure.

Also, they did not in fact remove reverse thrust from the default files. It is still tagged reverse_thrust=1 in engines.cfg and no change was made to systems.cfg. Also strange.

Anyhow, Rob posted in the G1000 thread that he's looking for beta testers, as he has also gone through the G1000 code this evening and updated what needed to be updated.

All should be well tomorrow and as far as I know he's in final review on v0.3.0 of the G1000 that will add Track-Up and Activate Approach functionality (among a couple other things).

It should be noted that the performance mods all need to come out - Asobo has changed the way refresh is calculated and requested in the instruments. I pulled all of my mods out, even the payware scenery, and added them back one at a time. This is annoying, but until the base sim code settles down, this will be the cost of doing business with the Community folder.


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