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Hotfix for MSFS later today

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8 hours ago, Stoopy said:

Not asking them to test every mod, no reason to. 

But they can test one representative mod added the in the "proper" way according to their design. 

They would have already had to do this as part of developing the way it works now. 

So it's not an additional, unreasonable ask in any way. 

They should have a test case already.


Agreed, and it is not really about testing mods. No-one is asking Asobo to "support" mods. But it's reasonable to ask that they do not do anything that makes mods with more than just liveries run through ridiculous hoops to get working. Prior to the update the sim would read liveries and any other custom mods without ANY PROBLEM. The update has utterly pointlessly now made this difficult, for no good reason. In fact to get around it it looks like you will have to include a whole lot of otherwise unnecessary files that bloat the total mod file size up to 20x what it could be if Asobo had left things alone.

Prior to the update mods were incredibly easy to get working, because the sim instantly recognised liveries and mods in the simplest way possible. The update now requires not just pointlessly convoluted methodology. It also requires the inclusion of bloated files which were completely unnecessary before the update. For example a current mod I'm working on has a total size of around 10 megabytes. To get the same mod after the update now requires up to ten or twenty times the file size. This is utterly wasteful and unnecessary. All Asobo has to do is reverse whatever they did to create the problem, which might have been a mistake or by design, but whatever the reason, it creates nothing to Asobo's advantage, but creates complications that could be so easily fixed, but it looks like there is no intention to fix it.

Edited by robert young

Robert Young - retired full time developer - see my nexus mod page and my GitHub Mod page

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Crashes to desktop happening the last two attempts. Happens after about 20 minutes or so. Also, control for throttle not working. Using Saitek throttle quadrant. I prep the flight then when ready engage the throttle and nothing occurs.  Plug and unplug but nothing. This has been an issue from time to time though and appears unrelated to the current crash bug.


I've had no mods since I had to re-install the sim because it simply froze with a screen. Since re-installing I have not installed any mods, however, I have some paid add-ons, scenery (ex CYVR from  FSDT, Weather Force, and some other sceneries).

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i7-10700k (ock'd 3 cores to 5.1 MHz and 5 others to 4.7 MHz), 32 GB XPG RAM, EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB, TUF Gaming 1200 LGA, MOBO, Corsair H100i 244 mm cooler.

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