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jon b

FSExpo 2021

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I’d just like to thank the organisers of the FSExpo 2021  for putting on the show this year.

I’m over in the U.K. so signed up for $15 online attendance and I have to say it’s the best 15 dollars I’ve spent in my flight simulator budget.

I’ve had a whole weekends worth of entertainment.
Being 8 hours behind I was able to watch half the seminars in the U.K. evening then finish of that day’s presentations the next morning, and by the time I’d done that it was approaching the time for the next load of presentations to start live.

I’ve really enjoyed the seminars and learnt some new stuff, it’s one of my favourite parts of physically attending the U.K. flight sim show at Cossford, watching the seminars, I think it adds a real credibility to the hobby.

As I’ve said before ,in many ways I prefer the flight sim community to the real world aviation community, its full of enthusiasm.

For the price of buying a couple of magazines to read I’d really recommend getting an online registration and enjoying these seminars at your leisure of the next couple of months that they’re available.

I’m hoping that both FSExpo and the U.K. Cossford show can return as normal next year.

Thanks again.

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787 captain.  

Previously 24 years on 747-400.Technical advisor on PMDG 747 legacy versions QOTS 1 , FS9 and Aerowinx PS1. 

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We really should arrange a group meet up when the Cosford show returns in 2022.

Christopher Low

UK2000 Beta Tester


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I've certainly enjoyed the weekend events, it's been really good, I found it interesting just how many real world pilots were present.

The stream worked really well, I hope they will continue with it when we are all back in healthier times, I've already started looking back again.

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Considering the challenges with Covid-19, I thought FSExpo did a great job and working with what they had to deal with.  I was lucky, as the event was right down the road for me.


1. Hardware... boy, this was a more of a hardware expo.  There are a lot of new gadgets on the horizon.  Gone are the days of Saitek and CH Products.

2. X-Plane really was the talk of the show and the enthusiasm was there.  Presentation was pact.  Though I do not use the platform I could see there was a big representation at the show.

3.  Online experience - Great way to catch the show.  I was there in person on Saturday but watched the seminars online Sunday.  High production values - looked great, sounded great.  Kudos to the AV team.

Areas to think about:

Noticed I did not say "negatives" as, again, our current times probably impacted these areas but want to bring out my observations.

1.  Where's the scenery developers?  Don't recall seeing a single scenery developer at the show, not even the big boys like orbx.  I would have loved to plop myself down and check out the latest airports, cities, and the like for P3D.

FSExpo should look into ways to get small-business developers a way to show their wares at the show.  Maybe a "scenery row"  of low cost booths or a tie-in incentive with a hardware manufacturer where they supply (and get advertised) the throttles, quads, etc.  Just thinking out loud and the fact this is the only FSExpo I have attended so it may not be a typical concern.

2.  MSFS a no show?  A bummer but considering Covid I will give it a pass.  Even something online would have been a nice indication they are at the Expo at least in spirit.

3.  P3D basically a no show - Yes, they did show up and for that I appreciate it but to be honest I walked out of the presentation with "eh, whatever" .  P3D was my go to platform for the last 10 years but I could see and hear it was time for me to move on (personal opinion), which I have.  I do not take that lightly as I used to be a developer for the P3D platform.

Again, all in all,  I enjoyed it and look forward to the next time they have the show in Las Vegas.



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