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  1. >>Funny on how one sentence can draw the attraction in a post>and give it a negative swing to some people, while all the>rest seems to be forgotten.>Well yes, when your immaturity shows with a verbal dart like that, people's views will swing significantly. Tom is nothing but a class act and it is obvious that you lack in that department when voicing your opinions. I hope this is worked out and that there is no stealing of artwork.
  2. UH OH... I see Tom's tail in someone's work that is NOT Tom's.. I hope I am wrong, because Tom is one heck of a painter and I would hate to see McPhat basically, stealing work... :-outta
  3. Hello all! My wife and I are in the process of adopting our first child from Vietnam this year which we are very excited about....With all paperwork etc that we are going through I was looking at flight options too. We live in STL and will have to fly through LAX to connect to SE Asia. So the question is, what airline do I choose to get us over there? I would like some feedback from those that have had experience! EVA and Cathay are out of the question because of price (way too expensive compared to the others: So our routing choices are as follows:STL-LAX (AA)M83LAX-TPE (China Airlines) 744 or A343 depending on flight timesTPE-HAN (Vietnam Airlines) A321 STL-LAX (AA)752LAX-ICN (Asiana) 744ICN-HAN (Asiana) 767STL-ORD (UAL) 733ORD-ICN (KAL) 744ICN-HAN (KAL) 733Which would you pick based on quality of service, etc. We are flying First Class on any of these choices. What can we expect on each airline? I have never flown on an A343 before either, so compare this frame with a 744. Thanks all!
  4. NM...problem solved!
  5. Nice but IMHO not worth $35. Should be an update free, but that is just me. I love the Aerosim birds, but this is milking the cow!
  6. I have made the AFCAD for 11/29 with appropriate taxiways etc, but I am stuck on how to get rid of all the buidlings trees, houses that now liter the area. Anyone know how to acomplish this? I have looked through the how to section and am lost. Thanks!
  7. For some reson the file is mising from the AVSIM libray. Steve Tran's repaint in the NC. It was file aimd81me.zip . If someone who has this please send it to me @ heny.belz@charter.net I would appreciate it!
  8. MRAI= Most Realistic AI (they are closed now) but a great installer that many AI traffic folks still use.. Thanks for the aide! I will check into that....I have checked EVERYTHING in the aircraft .cfg...I just am stumped..
  9. Hey all-I have a problem I need help with. Nick Botamer made some TWA AI flight plans, but for some reason I can never get them to show up in FS9. I have TONS of other traffic, and want to throw good ol T-Dub into it as well. Is there a way to convert the standard traffic files to MRAI format? Or is there someone willing to do that for me?Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  10. OMG you still have FS98 :-lol
  11. Hey all. I lost my old CPU...5yrs plus finally gave up the ghost. Got the new machine, WOW FS never looked SOOOOOOO good. Who do I contact to re-download my Aerosim L-1011.... Thanks !!!
  12. >Peter Max Posts Shootdown Stats>>2004 = 8>2005 = 4>2006 = 1 (and counting)>>Any predictions?Welll I guess 3 this year... You know Mr. Ford your repaint caused the problems :-lol
  13. On the Looooong haul from Heathrow to Miami....:-jumpyhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/134351.jpg
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