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  1. fritzgohl

    No Planes, Just Scenery

    excellent, except, now I have to know where is fabian woods
  2. fritzgohl

    Migrating back to FS9

    What is important to realize in my opinion is that addons for fs9 have been discounted and in many cases are free. Regards; Fritz
  3. fritzgohl

    Windows 8 Confirmed "A Flop!"

    hear hear Regards; Fritz
  4. Looks like a race car engine more then a computer :smile: Regards; Fritz
  5. fritzgohl

    So Dissapointed in Captain Sim 777

    I didn't know it went down like that, that would anger me too I like it :smile: nice job Please let us know the results, I mean, if no amount of patience prevails, then, well, hey, atleast the PMDG one will be along this year. Agreed Regards; Fritz
  6. fritzgohl

    So Dissapointed in Captain Sim 777

    I think it is noble to be concerned for others, the notion also crossed my mind "what about the poor souls who don't know about the sale ever". Then I remembered my own experiences buying add-ons, particularly relevant was the purchase of fly the Airbus fleet at a computer store in a box. So, eventually people go through it to learn for themselves in my opinion. operative word being "advertising" :unsure: Regards; Fritz
  7. fritzgohl

    So Dissapointed in Captain Sim 777

    You made me look up a new word, thank you for that :smile: I collect model planes as a hobby also and have paid two to three times as much for a static plastic representation that sits on my desk just looking pretty so, the added benefit of walking around inside, to me, by it self, is still rewarding. Regardless of the flaws/features? when purchased on sale, it's a win on both fronts, eye candy and function in my opinion. Regards; Fritz
  8. fritzgohl

    So Dissapointed in Captain Sim 777

    In my own experience, nothing is 100%. Singling out CS for this common practice is unfair in my opinion, FSX itself, for example, continues to have issues that will never be resolved. So, not a total wasted investment after all? It appears that your experience is in fact frustrating, and for that, I sympathize. Pilots are confronted with anomalous behavior of their aircraft often in my view, so, you are actually realizing your investment since you get to feel the same frustration they do. Suggesting a boycott seems draconian in my opinion. The fact is, CS twice a year give their planes away for a fraction of suggested retail price. I am very interested in this plane, please don't force them out of business with the boycott until it's realized at least, just for my sake. I speculate that CS, after having invested time and energy into creating the 777 which, upon PMDG's announcement of their 777, forced CS to release their 777 prematurely else face dismal returns if released in direct competition with the PMDG offering. Or, as you mention, more of the same in the philosophy of CS's practice to fund ongoing projects with work in progress releases. In my opinion it was probably a combination of both but, as firstly stated, sheer speculation on my part. However, the 777 from CS to me, is modeled and textured to a level of beauty rarely achieved by developers in general for the FSX platform, this fact, by it self, merits praise in my opinion. Regards; Fritz
  9. FlyJSim impresses me more day by day Regards; Fritz
  10. Similar to saying "don't buy a mac" in my opinion. Regards; Fritz
  11. fritzgohl

    Flight Simulator Memes

    "flying can only be minutes away" :lol: Regards; Fritz
  12. fritzgohl

    IVAO MTL in DX10

    let us know your results Regards; Fritz
  13. fritzgohl

    IVAO MTL in DX10

    it did for me, there is some transparency but not all white anymore Regards; Fritz