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  1. Bit harsh there; I for one am grateful that they spend their time to answer questions from the community and explain some of the features and other behind-the-scenes things. Of course they can't be on top of everything, or know every single detail of questions asked on the spot. I think a say two-month schedule is fine for these QA sessions.
  2. When you download from flightsim.to as a registered user it will keep a download list that you can refer to in your profile, it will actually tell you which freeware items have updates. Don't wait for Asobo, it's already here :)
  3. You're right, an update solely to fix bugs, and to give the team a well earned rest. It's a shame we're again in a speculative thread on how Asobo conducts their business. Mistakes happen, it's a living beast that Asobo / MS is pushing forward. Whilst some errors happened for whatever reason, a gazillion other things that *could* go wrong, didn't. Clearly we all want a perfect simulator from day 1, but that's just not how this sim works. We have gotten something that was a good way there, we're now on the journey with them to perfection, C'est La Vie - accept and move on.
  4. I'm in exactly the same boat as you; whilst it's tempting to upgrade to something lightning fast now, the inflated prices really make me think twice. Once everyone get their social lives back and get off their computers supply should outstrip demand and we should see sane pricing again. I'm certainly going to hold off until then. RTX 40xx series is probably my next stop together with a next-gen CPU. So lucky that MSFS performs so well on current hardware with reasonable reach on the sliders (2070S+9900K), it's just for VR (G2) where I wouldn't mind being able to go harder on the hardware.
  5. Not sure if I had wanted to wait for this another year, but yeah - if it was marked as 'early release' maybe the frustration across parts of the community would have been less. We're truly blessed though with the level of engagement and content provided by MS/Asobo, it's markedly different to any other releases of FS. The amount of pay- and freeware available is truly mind boggling; when it was first released I thought it would take at least a couple of years to get to this level and see where we are now! Only recently I tried my hands on VR and got a G2 - long time simmer here, biggest smile ever!
  6. Righto, good plan, gonna party all night for this big announcement in December!
  7. If they've pulled this off properly I'd be very grateful!! I wish they would improve ground handling/friction soon too, but it's slated for next year. At least it's in the pipeline!
  8. Really fantastic news, back in the old days I loved flying the Sim Soft Workshop A310. This will be a day one purchase for me for sure!
  9. Readme's mostly, yes. However, in a fair few cases when using flightsim.to the developer will have filled out the "Dependencies" tab.
  10. ORBX for me too, it's a great app - very easy to navigate and the map that shows addons you own, which are discounted and the others available is cool. Marketplace, yeah nah, not unless I have too. I'd rather use the developers installers for quick updates, but having to manage many is a pain in a way. I just put all the app icons in a specific section on my desktop and check them all once in a while which works well.
  11. Thanks for the explanation Andy, I was wondering what the best process would be myself!
  12. When you do attempt to land there you might as well grab the custom scenery for it :) https://flightsim.to/file/7137/lfmb-castillon-de-la-laquette-france
  13. For those on the Steam version this path is: c:\Users\XXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects\Airplanes\
  14. I presume the camera settings still work on the non-FBW Neo? If so, it's probably a matter of copying a config file across from the stock neo to the FBW bird.
  15. Yes, there was something about cleaning the ortho when they started the project. It's not just clouds but also shadows, colours, etc. There's a video that has some high level info about the development -
  16. Just happened to come across this tool; it allows you to save the state of the CRJ. https://flightsim.to/file/11268/persistentcrj
  17. Numpad is very useful for quick access of cockpit camera's / views - for me it's a no brainer, I'm using the numpad all the time!
  18. Breakpoints do refer to debugging code - I'd probably file a Zendesk issue, they should be able to track where this code is in the codebase.
  19. From the screenshots this looks absolutely stunning; truly amazing modelling, hats off to these devs!
  20. It would be great if there was a tool that could scan your addons folder and download and install updates straight away from flightsim.com! Until then, Jim is spot on.
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