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  1. My HUB is 2.0, I'm using a powered Dlink. I tried it directly in a PCI 1.0 USB 4-port board, it helps in not freezing, but encoders are wrong. Thanks, Ulisses
  2. Hello, Anyone had problems with the goflight MCP Advanced, like rotating an encoder to increase a value and the value going down ? I can't set a precise value in HDG for example, if I need 230 I go to 229, 232, but very hard to set the wanted value. Changed USB ports, etc, in some USB the module freezes, when it doesn't freeze I have the encoder problem. Any suggestion from sending it back to GF ? Thanks a lot, Ulisses
  3. Hello,Can anyone tell me if FSX SP1 is needed before installing Acceleration ?Thanks,Ulisses
  4. I think it is related to shader 2.0, see if you video board handles it. There is an option in graphics settings bellow lens flare, I'm not in front of it, but I think it is called advanced animantions, try to check it.Ulisses
  5. Yes... one of the video card features is real-time volumetric light, and bump map, reflections, transparency, etc... found in many games these days.The developer decide what to use, but if the video card isn't powerful it can hit the frame rate (not big news :)FS uses a lot of geometry and textures, maybe volumetric will wait a little more to be added ?Ulisses
  6. Yes,We started the english version in Flyin2, so no need to download Flyin1.Thanks,Ulisses
  7. Thank you for downloading the show, please tell us your impressions...Ulisses
  8. Hello,Launched the english version of Flyin TV, a 30 minutes show about flight simulation (mainly FS2004) produced in Brazil and presented by a real 737 airline pilot.The link:www.flyintv.comDownload the Flyin2 in "Watch" menu, it features freeware, a 737PMDG review, tips, etc.Thanks,Ulisses
  9. All the acrylics will have backlight, I'll replace the goflight front's to get them backlighted, as the clock, gear, etc. But not cutting direct in the laser, using silkscreen (laserfilm) and inverse painting.Thanks,Ulisses
  10. Hi,I updated my site / photos:http://www.flyintv.com/777eng/Thanks,Ulisses Simionato
  11. Chris, I hope you can fix the overcast issue with your clouds, maybe a 2d layer... I'd like to fly 2 years with overcast working :)Thanks,Ulisses
  12. I see overcast as a bug, autogen memory usage too.Overcast is 8/8, and FS2004 isn't able to reproduce a 8/8 condition. We always can see the terrain in overcast condition, this is an error. I don't care if a layer of 2D clouds must be added to create the overcast.Ulisses
  13. Maybe overcast is not a bug, but it is a basic feature in any civil flight simulator. About performance, I'm pretty sure there are some ways to fill a level with clouds with good performance since we won't see anything above or bellow it (when working correctly)More about performance, it should be an user option (level of clouds) and not a software default. True overcast in IFR approches is a must in my opinion. Activesky tries to improve it as it can, but FS2004 weather engine has a fail both in overcast and fog.Thanks,Ulisses
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