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  1. I just switched to opera because they have build in vpn. James
  2. I had the same problem with AS. Totally wrong weather since Saturday. But they fixed it.Now it works again like it should. James
  3. This is not an Active Sky issue.The TAT is the result of two components.One is your OAT/SAT.At FL 310 this can be anywhere from -25 to -50 Celsius or more.This temperature is provided by Active Sky.The other component is the rise of temperature with TAS.At 500 kts TAS it is about 32 C.Here are two examples from recent flights that I made :FL 310 M0.86 TAS 516 SAT -35 TAT +0FL 310 M0.86 TAS 522 SAT -31 TAT +5With a TAS of 522 kts the temperature rise is 36 C.At 450 kts TAS it is only 26 C.So using the above example FL 310 M0.78 TAS 450 SAT -35 TAT -9.Of course you can always blame it on Active Sky or just fly slower.Have Fun James
  4. Hi The first waypoint at the top cannot be deleted.Simply lineselect the second waypoint just below to the top, replacing the first one.The FMC just does not like to start flying with a discontinuity.James
  5. The only way I know is to buy the latest update from navigraph.Their airacs also include the simple-fmc data.Maybe someone else has a no cost solution. James
  6. This is data from the Continental flight manual from 11/15/02.B737-800klbs opt / max180 --- 311 / 338175 --- 317 / 346170 --- 324 / 353165 --- 330 / 360160 --- 337 / 366155 --- 343 / 372150 --- 350 / 378145 --- 357 / 385140 --- 365 / 391135 --- 372 / 398130 --- 380 / 405125 --- 388 / 410120 --- 397 / 410The numbers for the -900 are identical for optimum alt and about 1000 ft lower for max alt.have fun James
  7. A look in the flight manual shows that max weight for a B737-800 at 41000 ft is 125000 lb.The B738 routinely operates at fl400 on short sectors.That is in the real world. James
  8. It just shows that the fuel remaining in the center tank is now drained into #2 main tank.You can see the other two arrows when fuel is pumped from #2 and #3 reserve tanks, as soon as the main tanks go below 40.000lbs.Pick up a copy of Mike Ray's Unofficial Simulator and Checkride Procedures Manual if you can.It even makes me sound like I know what I'mtalking about.Have Fun James
  9. I recently did an upgrade on my system which means I built a new computer.The increase in ram to 2GB is not something you would notice in FS9 if you didn't look for it.However it is hard for me to actually discern the effect of more ram,because the cpu and gpu were also upgraded.So to sum up my wishy-washy statement:I don't think the extra ram is worth the money in an old system. James
  10. Have a look at the takeoff ref page where it says flaps/accel ht at the top.If you enter 3000ft at the accel ht the acft will climb to this height before the pitch comes down for acceleration at any climb power setting.Have funJames
  11. I used to get random crashes all the time.One day day I decided to improve the timings of my ram to 2-2-2-5-1T.So I increased the ram voltage on notch from 2.6V to 2.7V.That was the solution to my problems.I have not had a single crash since.And I thought I knew computers. Have Fun James
  12. 1. I don't think you have heat problem (symptoms are reboot or system freeze requiring a cold reboot)2.Your RAID array is not properly configured.This will lead to system delays as you described.I don't have RAID in my computer, so this is what I know:On bootup enter the BIOS.Make shure all harddrives are properly recognized.Make shure the RAID controller is enabled.After the mb BIOS is has booted enter the RAID controller BIOS and configure the harddrives.When in windows check the hardware manager for yellow ???You will need SATA and Raid drivers for XP to work.These drivers are on the cd that came whith your mb.If the problems persist go back to step 1 and double check.Have Fun James
  13. I have been using a watercooled system for about 4 years.There is no way I would ever go back to aircooled.As to the anti-corrosion fluid:it should not cost more then
  14. I think we have to seperate two things here.One is the ILS course displayed in the upper left corner of the PFD.This is derived from the FS9 database and is as old as FS9 itself(you can change with afcad221).Two is the FMS database which is current if updated.Now if the magnetic variation has changed in the meanwhile you will get a discrepancy of one or more degrees.Remember that the FS9 world is static.Have Fun James
  15. Don't forget to enter the CI.The fmc needs to calculate the cruise speed.Have Fun James
  16. If you do not intend to upgrade your computersystem go with a card of max $200.For a x800pro or x800xt to show what it can, you would need a better cpu.Minimum an A64 3000+ or P4 3.2 with a true 200 MHz fsb.Just to save you the disappointment of saying: I expected a bigger frame rate increase.Have Fun JamesK8VSEA64 3200+1024 MB Corsair PC400HIS X800proCreative SB Audigy 2 Zs
  17. I have had the same problems in the last week while flying the pmdg737.I even reinstalled FS2004 because I thought I had a real big problem.However it was not software relatet.It was simply heat.In the last days we had some great weather so my computerroom is 27 c hot instead of 20c cool.That prooved to be too much for my computer,since I have yet to reinstall my watercooling system.So try a flight with the side of the computer open and see if that works.Have FunJames
  18. I would like to see several airports put together in small packages like the GAP series.socal with vny,bur,ont,snaor maybe florida east coast withjax,dab,mlb,pbi,fllor texas with sat,aus,hou,crpnot too fancy,just good enough so you will fly that extra leg to parkat a real gate. Have FunJames
  19. This only happens to me, when I taxi to close to the GA gas station on the airfield.The FS will then automatically fill your tanks to 100%.Have Fun James
  20. HiI had the same problem.On my system it was the FS Genesis landclass beta version that forced FS9 back to the desktop.After removing the landclass file FS9 is working properly in and out of Boise.Have FunJames
  21. I just made a landing at kslc with the pmdg737.The framerate during the app was 19.1 -19.9(locked at 20).During taxi I had 20 fps.But when I turned to the terminal it dropped to 14-16 .In spot plane view I get 20 fps looking in every direction until I look at the middle of the terminal building(back to 15).I tried this from several positions and the frame rate drop only occurs when looking at the terminal in sw direction.When looking at it from the S or W or E there is no drop.This is as weird as it can get.Have Fun James
  22. HI All,there is a possibilty to enter the missed app fix:-activate the fpl before entering the arr rwy-enter the arr rwy -press exec-now switch back to rte-go to the last page and behind the rwy enter the missed app fixIt will not appear in the fpl, but you will be able to see it on the nav display.Since I have not flown a missed app yet,I don't know if lnav will get you there.Have FunJames
  23. Hi,I tried the app yesterday and I really liked it.These are the bridges I found :Roosevelt MemArlington MemRochambeau MemAll other bridges are missing(maybe the George Mason Mem is there instead of the other,I can't really tell).Have FunJames
  24. As always:KPHX-KLASthis time in the pmdg737-700. James
  25. Hi Vangelis,my data is from the Continental Flight Manual B737-700Sec.5 Page 15 (Rev.11/15/02 #41)I can always backup my statements!:-)By the way I think the pitot heat is not working.I loose all indicatedairspeed when passing through high cloud cover(and yes,it's turned on)Have Fun James
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