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  1. >Radar Contact gives you a lot of help in deciding which>pressure setting you should be using but, as 'Michelle of the>Resistance' would say, you must listen very carefully. :-) For she will say it only once! :-lol Cheers and Happy Christmas to all!Mike T.
  2. Hi JD,I'm flying with pretty much everything under the sun, freeware, payware and otherwise.Say hey to the Beta Team for me!Cheers,Mike T.
  3. Hi JD,Even though I'm not Irish, I'd be more than happy to do voice sets for V5. Just give me a yell when you're ready.Cheers,Mike Turano
  4. JD,On its way. Thanks for the key.Cheers,Mike Turano
  5. Hi JD,I'm getting the same problem; registration being bounced back with the following:SIZE=2918: host mailserver1.jdtllc.com []: 550 5.7.1 This system is configured to reject mail from (Host blacklisted incombined.swh.bellsouth.net)My product ID: 1206205824Cheers,Mike Turano
  6. Hi Ed,Just to echo the others...It's always a good idea to have the latest version. As FSUIPC is THE major interface for just about every FS add-on, including RC, that having the latest version is always a plus. If you have a registered version, you get full functionality. IMO, besides RC and FS itself, FSUIPC is one of the finest flightsimming investments you can make for yourself.Cheers,Mike T.
  7. Hi Eytan,I record my live chatter from LiveATC.net at http://www.liveatc.net/There are many US, Canada and International feeds. They also have a mp3 archive of live feeds.I personally use the Recorder utility that came with my Creative Audigy sound card. Depending on how busy an airport is, I'll record 20 - 30 minutes of chatter. I'll then use the WaveStudio utility (a simple wav editor - included with Creative sound card software) to break up the file as to type per the manual. Make sure the file format is 8 bit mono (radio transmissions don't need stereo). Out of one editing session, I get quite a few usable wavs. The trick, of course, is to figure out which snippets are Ground, Tower, etc. The end result is most impressive!Hope it helps!Cheers,Mike T.
  8. Hi Ian,Assuming you have a registered copy of Pete Dowson's FSUIPC, It can be set up using the 'Hot Keys' section. I personally use the ` (tilde) key. Refer to the FSUIPC manual for exact procedure.Cheers,Mike T.
  9. Hi Lars,Check out page 136 of the RC4 manual. The section shows how you can add your own chatter to RC.Cheers,Mike T.
  10. Hi,I've been testing V4 with MyTraffic 2.1. To quote ALF, "No problem.":)Cheers,Mike T.
  11. Dear Joe,I owned ProFlight 2000, which was FS adventure-driven (your flights had to be saved as adventures); RC is not (uses normal saved flights and plans).To echo what JD has said, RC is light years ahead in all aspects. Once you use RC, you'll never look back....for my money, the best ATC program out there!!Cheers,Mike T.
  12. Pelle,That's why I got into RC to begin with :-) Cheers,Mike T.
  13. Hi Steve,I'd try swapping your current mouse with another mouse (a 2 or 3 button, no mouse wheel), and see if RC works with that. I have a basic 2-button PS2 MS mouse that's 9 years old...no problems.Cheers,Mike T.
  14. Hi Bob,Are the flight plans originally created in FS9 or did you move them (like I did awhile back) from FS 2002? I had a similar problem a bit back. I re-created all my flight plans in FS9 and have since had no problems. A way to tell this would be if you look at your FS created flight plan and there are no frequencies next to a VOR in your plan as outlined below:KFRGDPKshould beKFRGDPK(117.20)Hope it helps!Cheers,Mike T.
  15. Hi Joe,Just to concur with what ronzie said, the best way in my opinion is to print out and use the airport diagrams at either the sites he mentioned in his post, or to purchase either the Jeppesen SimCharts or Dauntless Softwares SimPlates through sites like Flight1 or PC Aviator. I personally will go to the net if a particular airport is not listed with SimCharts of SimPlates (I own both).Hope it helps!Cheers,Mike T.
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