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  1. When someone uuses AFCAD to change runway numbers all the ILS IDENT's loose their association with a runway. You must insert a new ILS per the new runway number. Open the NAVAID list in AFCAD and you will see all the distorded ILS's that have lost their IDENT's.The runway in FS9/FSX owns the ILS and changing a runway number only makes things worst if you do not follow the steps Scott outlined above. The end result is what you see or not see in the MAP and GPS Receiver Mode. ATC is also now confused because the Approach Database must also be changed to reflect the new runway numbers.
  2. Thank YouThere are seveal KMSP's available for FS9 and FSX by different developers. Just wanted to give everyone more of a choice for KMSP.
  3. You don't have to Google anything.FSX has a very large document in your FSwebLearningCenterNavigation Folder just on the GPS and how it works in FSX. If you print it out have lots of paper available.
  4. Like Tom says you need a panel. Once the panel is in place you need the UI defined in the aircraft.cfg for each fltsim.X sectionExample Open up the aircraft.cfg and make sure these 3 lines exist ui_manufacturer=Airbus (Use your aircraft information) ui_type=A306ui_variation=Korean AirWithout these entry's FSX does not know how to list the airplane in the aircraft menu and it will not show. The aircraft menu in FSX is alphabetical from top to bottom, left to right. That means my Airbus will be listed very close to the top of the aircraft window list.If there is no thumbnail.jpg in the planes texture folder then no real picture will exist to show the plane. If that is missing you will only have a shadow of a plane with a "?" mark. However the UI data will exist so you can choose the airplane from the window list. hope this helps also
  5. See the following post (#19) down toward the bottom where Reggie explains how to get the User plane to park.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...d=435737&page=3
  6. >>like in sparse settings where the buildings >arent drawn, though the airport signs >and taxiway lights vanishes, so is there >away to retain those?>Yes and No based on what you rewrite in the XML code. As stated above (in my post) the taxiway signs cannot be internaly changed as per the scenery density slider. MS set certain scenery at a certain density. We have the ability to change other scenery to a different density slider internally but Taxiway signs and taxiway lights are not on that list.If you want all the Jetways at a airport to show at Very Sparse or Extremely Dense that can be done by resetting the internal density attribute setting in the XML. You cannot reset taxiway signs and taxiway lights to Sparse or Very Sparse. Whatever FSX set for taxiway signs and taxiway lights we have to stay with. If that happens to be Normal you can't make it Sparse or Very Sparse.If all taxiway signs and taxiway lights come on at Normal then what point are you trying to make.>>well at sparse scenery density the >taxi sign and lights are gone, they >come up again when the slider is at >normal or above, >and so are all the Main Terminal buildings (gone) which are set to a minimum of Normal at most airports. If the Mian Terminal is missing then so are the taxiway signs and lights and you have nothing to taxi up to.At Normal settings the taxiway signs, taxiway lights and Main Terminal Buildings still show. Only at Sparse do they dissappear. All Lights associated with a runway never turn off. In my post I never said what position of the scenery density slider is the lowest allowed before you loose the taxiway signs, taxiway lights and Main Terminals.I said"Taxiway signs do not have a scenery density setting and are set internal by FSX". When we say 'set internal by FSX' then the scenery density settings we are refering to is the code set in the internal XML for the imageComplexity=""> and not what you can physically position with a slider. The slider position (which is external) calls the scenery based on the XML code set in the internal imageComplexity attribute. Taxiway signs and taxiway lights do not have a imageComplexity attribute (Main Terminals and buildings do) and set internally to a default positon of the scenery slider as per non written XML.
  7. >>how about taxi signs and lights >can we modify it somehow to >show it in sparse settings?>Taxiway signs do not have a scenery density setting and are set internal by FSX. Not sure what lights you mean. If it is runway/taxiway lights those are also set internal based on time of day and/or weather visibility.If you do not set the scenery slider higher then Dense, most Jetways will not show at the Gate parking spots. MS does this purposely as per the SDK so FPS stay high on certain computers.
  8. Two ways to get around the freq issue.Change your heading slightly and fly a little left or right of course or increase your altitude in 2000 ft. increments. This will get you off the boundary freq line you are flying on.2nd option, When ATC tells you to contact the next controller, acknowledge, change freq's but do not contact the next controller. Leave your ATC window open so you know when to hit the "`" key and stay current on the right freq. ATC will still call Traffic out. Once past all the freq changes contact the controller. Your IFR FP will not cancel using this technique.
  9. RhettLet me correct one thing or at least make sure we are on the same page.There are 3 default traffic type FSX bgl'strafficAircrafttrafficBoatstrafficCarriersIn FSX there are 4 sliders that control animated planes and water craftAirline TrafficGeneral Aviation TrafficShips and FerriesLeisure BoatsWe know that Airline and GA are in the trafficAircraft bgls and the 2 sliders control what and how many type planes are generated.The same thing happens with the watercraft. trafficBoats are controlled by what and how many Ships, Ferries and Leisure boats are generated. Based on the size bgl for Carriers that could only be Carriers but I am not sure of that. Most User's know that if they mix TTool AI Plane 'FlightPlans' (not aircraft)with the above 3 bgl's something is not going to show or they at least think something will not show. I say the word "something" because it depends on who you ask and what they see.What they see is based on "IF", "AND", "OR" statements and most User's never study AI plane and water traffic with the Traffictoolbox utility.With that said, if I rely on all payware and freeware 3rd party AI plane FP's then all default FSX AI Plane Traffic and the Large AI Ship traffic does disappear. The Leisure boat Traffic does not disappear. Saying disappear is misleading because they can't coexist at the same airport but can coexist at different airports and in the air. That is part of the "IF", "AND", "OR" statements.You can do like Paul says and compile/convert up to FSX and some AI types (Ships) will start to reappear. The one question that is never answered is why can't the TDBB FP and the TTools FP coexist at the same airport and why are some watercraft affected and some are not. The answer is a very simple one and it is the "@" symbol placement in the TTool FP that back times the arrival into the AI Visual Zone by 15 minutes. This simple timing tag as part of a compile process affects what will and what will not show or coexist including Ships (not Leisure Boats).This is not the thread to get into what a "@" or "no @" causes in compiled FP's because it is a very complex rule that comes from FS2002 up to FS9 and now up to FSX. If MSN had not introduced the TNG FP flag we would not have to ever worry about how the "@" or "no @" is one of the main reasons why so many have AI Problems to begin with.I am willing to get into the behavior of AI traffic and how I can have both TTool FP 3rd party planes sharing the same airport as FSX AI Plane TDBB FP's without any type converter program but not here. Those type post need to be part of airport design and AI plane/ship traffic forums. ADE Home and the extented Pro version is moving forward in very complex automation system (with tutorials) that will allow what most say does not work in FS9/FSX.
  10. Go TO VHHX Kai Tak. Set the day to Saturday and local time to 9:05AM. Slew the Cess 172 off runway 13 (heading 134) toward the harbour entrance looking to the right against the shore line.You will see 3 large Cargo ships. AT 9:08AM local time one of them will pushback and make a 180 degree turn. It will then move towrd the center of the harbour entrance into the channel and then make a right turn and continue out to sea.The other 2 Cargo ships will do the same at a later time in the day.
  11. >>Also keep in mind, if you are using any >FS9 traffic bgl's, you won't see any >ship traffic in your FSX.>Sure you will. Load my Kai Tak with all FS9 TTool FP's and look at all the default FSX boat traffic in the harbour. TTool FP's only affect TDBB FSX AI FP's and that is a "IF" "AND" "OR" set of rules where both can coexist if all things are done properly. Ships are based on WaterPlans just like AI planes have Flightplans. You must be at a certain location at a certain time in FSX to see these large ships moving from one place to another which has nothing to do with Missions when in free flight. Many large Ships that park in Seaports are static Ships and do not move. There are many many Leisure boats running around Harbours but only a few large Ships and Ferries in the FSX default waterplan bgl's. If you visit Hong Kong on a certain day and certain time you will see 5 large cargo ships moving toward the harbour entrance at the end of runway 13 Kai Tak.
  12. I sent him a message. He normally post after the weekends on Monday mornings.
  13. Only if (and that is a big "IF") the Flightplans are made with the default TDBB compiler does FS have a responsibility to park the User plane in the proper spot.Most FP's is use since FS2002 are compiled with TTools which throws out all the forced code for parking rules. This is not a bad thing because the FS TDBB FP compiler can never duplicate a real world set of FP's like TTools can do.Reggie has a work around for the User Plane that will force the rule into affect so your CRJ700 will park as per ATC in the correct spot. Give him a few days to see this thread and I am sure he will post the work around for your plane.Many of us use his rule but it differs somewhat for each type size airplane (wingspan). I use the rule but also add a forced "Go To Jetway" if open and available. Many Commuters park at satellite Stands/Ramps but we also can force both the AI Plane and User Plane up to a proper Airline Terminal Gate that has a Jetway in FSX.
  14. Each time a post on this subject arises everyone has their personal preference. I agree that different type ATC programs can give different results but when I see comparisons being made that are not accurate then we must give credit where credit is due.Each ATC system available including VATSIM has its strengths and weaknesses but we should be careful when saying one is vastly superior to the FS9/FSX default. In most cases the default ATC system of FS9/FSX has not be explored to its fullest and then ends up getting the short end of the stick in these post. That can be misleading for too many Users and I encouage everyone to push the limits of the FS ATC system before making comparisons.Examples of a Payware ATC system vs FS ATC SystemPayware ATC says SIDS. You can program any SID into the default FS Flightplan and execute the SID on departure as per ATC vectors to the entrance of the SID.Payware ATC says step climbs. You can set your initial FP altitude to whatever you want then start asking ATC for step climbs (multiple increments in 1000's) until reaching your final enroute altitude.Payware ATC says almost any kind of instrument approach. FS allows and ATC vectors your plane for every single published approach as per Jeppesen plates based on cutoff dates.Payware says emergency procedures. If you set up random failures on a FP in FS then you have the option to divert your destination through the ATC system and land as soon as possible.Payware ATC says you can choose to do holding or not. There are 1000's of inbound holding patterns built into FSX that ATC will honor on request. You must know how to ask ATC for these Transitions with holding patterns. Once in a holding pattern you can stay there as long as needed (weather related or altitude to high for the IAF final).Payware says most ILS approaches are vectored closer in than the default. Not sure what this means. FS uses a FAF for any ILS approach code written in the database that says the plane on a IFR FP will be vectored on a 30 degree offset to final just outside this Terminal_Waypoint. Some of the approach code is used for the User plane and some is used for the AI Plane.Contrary to popular belief FS9/FSX uses a .dll seperation code for all Planes that are being vectored to the outside of the FAF (IFR FP) if a ILS approach code exist. The standard seperation in FS is 7 miles but other type AI Planes on approach do not have FDE's as a standard for approach speeds based on many different AI Plane modelers and non standards. We end up penalizing the ATC system of FS when the root of the problem is 3rd party.If no ILS Approach code exist and weather is VMC then FS ATC uses a set of hard code .dll values to vector a plane to a fake FAF and standard 2000 ft AGL altitude when it takes ownership of a runway.VFR FP/VMC conditions uses a different set of .dll rules. This is just a few examples but I also see many continue to ask about STAR arrivals into a Terminal Airport area. In order to understand STAR's you have to study Country's. Many Country borders are small and a STAR maybe nothing more then a Terminal approach procedure (EHAM's ARTIP, RIVER, and SUGOL STAR's). However these type STAR's can be requested and flown all the way to the IAF for the final of any runway at EHAM under the watchful eye of ATC.In the USA STAR's can start at 400 NM from a airport. In some of my readmes for enhanced airports found here on AVSIM I explain how to file a STAR arrival that starts 400 NM's from an airport that ATC honors and then once inbound how to Transition to a Terminal Procedure approach based on wind direction and then lastly fly to the IAF for final all in control of the FS default ATC system.We know that the ATC system for FSX was not enhanced much from the previous version of FS9 but there is still a lot that can be explored that many never knows exist or use.
  15. If the CRJ700 has a wingspan of 76.3 ft then simply divide by 2.That equals 38.15 ft and now convert to Meters and roundup38.15 ft = 11.6281 Meters rounded up to 12M. (see Bills post above)The minimum size parking spot for a CRJ700 to park is 12M but that is not what is desired by many of us that upload enhanced airports. We look at the Commuter world as a group and set parking spot radius to encompasses all Commuters including large Dash 8's. Reggie has done a lot of work on building a parking matrix as a standard which is similar to the old PAI parking standard but many refuse to use it or understand it. FS gives us many options to work with if AI Plane developers and Airport designers would work toward a common goal. In FS9 the model radius was the deciding factor and many AI Plane developers did not pay any attention to the wingspan value. Many FS9 AI Planes to this day have the wrong wingspan foot value which is what FSX works with. You must go through all the AI Planes and check the wingspan foot value to see if it is correct before applying a parking Spot Meter size if you want your planes to park properly (amoung other varibles).One of the other aircraft.cfg entries is Empty Weight (EW) that is not set correctly on many AI Planes. AI Developers used what they wanted in order to get what they think is a better set of flying characteristics. This in turn destroys the Active runway scoring system used by FS9/FSX and being able to restrict runway usage based on EW vs runway length.Many of my enhanced uploaded airports are only as good as the correct wingspan, Reggie's parking matrix and correct Empty Weight of a AI Plane as published byhttp://www.airliners.net/info/I can only guarantee the right plane will park in the correct spot using the correct non-restricted/restricted active runway score system based on what is in each User's AI Aircraft.cfg folder.If you are flying the airplane (non AI) than that is another set of rules/trickery on how you can get Ground ATC to assign a correct parking spot based on your Airline that you are flying and the cooresponding correct parking spot.
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