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  1. I realize this post is almost a month old but I feel it is important to know throughout the FS community that certain aircraft can use certain runways for takeoff and landing. There must be a minimum of 2 runways available for takeoff and landing so a choice can be made. FS9/FSX at many airports gives us multiple parallel runways which some airports by default assign certain airplanes to certain runways. If your airport does not have parallel runways but has 2 or more runways then ADE9X has the ability to set those runways for certain size planes if runways have the proper length. This ADE9X feature is part of setting up the crosswind runway technique. The crosswind runway technique makes available multiple runways for arrival and departure usage and unlocks the airplane size in the .air file based on single, multi and turboprop Engines. Jet airplanes do not use the .air file like the prop planes do but use the Empty Weight found in the Aircraft.cfg file. Each Jet airplane is passed through a coded formula which determinds the minimum length runway required for that type Jet plane. In answer to your questions Aircraft can use certain runways Aircraft cannot use the time for runway selection ADE9X can code your airports for Xwind runways which is part of the basic code for runway usage assignment hope this helps jim
  2. You did not say if this is a stock FSX airport or a addon and which airport it is. If you want ground support vehicles such as the luggage and baggage cart then the parking spot has to be coded as a Gate. You can download ADE9X Airport utility and change the parking spot to a Gate. You can also add Jetways when they are missing. If this is a addon airport you might need to contact the designer since they would have the master file that was used.
  3. Chris If you are still reading this post -------- There is a slight chance it could still be the KBOS AFCAD you are using. There is a simple way to know. Make sure that the default ATC approach controller says Expect ILS 04 Right and the approach controller says cleared for the ILS 04 right contact Tower . The key here is the approach controller is saying ILS. That speech is coming from the code I show in my above post and not what is actually part of the runway ILS. When the approach controller says ILS that means there is both a Localizer and a GS and the FAF altitude is in use. Years ago all we had was Lee Swordy's AFCAD utility. The AFCAD compiler made sure that all the stock approach code was protected and could not be tampered with. Today we have multiple type AFCAD utility's and each one can damage the approach coding in the database when others create airport AFCADs. Let me also stress, DO NOT use a 3rd party ATC program when checking the validity of the default approach coding. These type programs inject themselfs into FS from the outside in and DO NOT understand all the internal weather, runway score, runway length, speech, weight restriction, non-precision approaches (11 non-precision +1 precision) and the way the .dll Engines work together as one set of instructions. If the approach controller at any time says fly the Visual for runway 04 Right there is a problem. jim
  4. The answer is some other confiquration in FSX. The Localizer and GS are owned by the runway and only gives the User Plane the alignment and touchdown point of a runway. The AI Plane has a 1st code that is embedded in each runway texture which is called the TD (Touchdown Zone). The AI Plane targets this TD from the FAF if the Runway has a ARINC 424 ILS Approach code in the FSX database. You have to start with a standard. That means select a runway about 8000 ft long that has a stock ILS. A stock ILS will normally have a stock full ILS Approach in the Airport records of the compiled stock Airport bgl. Using the stock FSX B737 as a AI Plane you will see the TD is about 1000 ft down the runway at the 2 solid bars. Now you can start looking at 3rd party AI planes. Each 3rd party AI plane get tweaks done to the FD (Flight Dynamics). These tweaks can cause the AI plane to land short with alot of braking or land long (float along the runway) which can pass the TD zone and touchdown long. The ideal tweak would be to try and make the AI Plane TD at the proper runway location that has the target embedded. The following code is the instructions given to any AI Plane based on the Approach Code and landing at KATL runway 09 Right. <Approach type="ILS" <<<<<<<<<<<<<-------------- ATC says fly the ILS runway="09" designator="RIGHT" suffix="0" gpsOverlay="FALSE" fixType="TERMINAL_WAYPOINT" fixRegion="K7" fixIdent="BURNY" <<<<<<<<<<------------------ turn on runway heading (30 degree offset) before crossing this FAF T_Waypoint altitude="4000.0F" <<<<<<<<<<<<<------------- overfly FAF (BURNY) at 4000 ft. heading="89.780003" <<<<<<<<------------ AI Plane flys True runway heading +- .02 for left/right turn direction if it goes missed missedAltitude="4000.0F"> <<<<<<<----------- If the AI Plane goes missed climb to 4000 ft. The FAF (in this case) BURNY is normally set per Lat/Lon to give the GS a 3.00 degree slope. AI planes are also hardcoded to fly the ideal 3.00 degree slope to the TD Zone in the runway texture. Poorly written Flight Dynamics can actually fight with the hardcoded 3.00 degree slope. On a ILS approach the AI Plane can be seen bobbing, dipping up and down, falling through the 4000 ft hardfloor when the gear comes down, land short on grass, roll to the runway, plus many other issues. The written instruction in the ILS approach code can actually assist a poorly written set of FD's and help the AI Plane land. Many runways do not have a stock ILS or ILS approach code so the AI Plane must fly and set of hard code rules and adjust for the 3.00 slope. Allways test your AI planes landing characteristics with a ILS approach code and then test for a runway that does not have a ILS approach code. This should be done in clear weather so if a ILS does not exist the ATC engine will not look for a lesser precision type approach. hope this helps jim
  5. The ADE9X Airport Utility has been updated to include changing the parking spot pushback that FS does not use. A new window has been added to the parking spot property with pushback Left, Right, Both and None. http://www.fsdevelop...ad.php?t=327054 jim
  6. During the development of ADE 3 years ago I had Jon code new parking spots as <Pushback = None. Now why did I do this? Because regardless of what is in the XML for the pushback attribute, FSX does not recognize it. The SDK says, By default many of the stock airports with terminal type parking have a pushback of Left, Right or Both. Many other type parking spots have None listed as the attribute. ADE does not change any of these stock pushback codes but only sets NONE if a new parking spot is added. This is in no way a ADE trap. GSX has decided to use FSX coding that FSX does not use. ADE9X was not developed for GSX but developed to make a airport look and work better then the stock airport. It is on the ADE update list to expose the pushback attributes and let airport designers set the pushback. Keep in mind that setting this code for anyone using FSX without GSX does nothing. In the mean time Virtuali as stated above and coded GSX to set airport pushback where needed. jim
  7. Mark The SDK's has the information. Start with the FS2000 and FS2002 Scenery SDK's. These explain the Property Exclude, Exceptions and Flatten switches with examples in a scenery.cfg layer. Move forward and look at the Terrain SDK's in both FS9 and FSX. These will further define scenery.cfg entry's that are holdovers for backward compatible BGLC (scsam) and forward compatible BGL (xml) compiled files. The FS9/FSX BGL Compiler SDK explains the DeleteAll= and Exclusion Rectangle which is a better way of coding for adding or removing certain types of scenery. jim
  8. Does your utility consider the exceptions, exclude property (different from the XML exclusion rectangle in a bgl) or texture ID that can be part of the scenery.cfg. Some 3rd party add the exceptions to remove a certain piece of scenery. Other 3rd party navigation groups added the exclude property for the Comms, VOR's, ILS's and NDB's but these type excludes in the current scenery.cfg do not always work. Other entry's in a particular scenery.cfg layer can remove just a single airport (from a stock bgl where multiple airports reside) using the correct syntax. Most of this type coding is a holdover from FS2000 and 2002. MS kept the coding in place so FS9/ FSX could be backward compatible if it found older type scenery.cfg layers with this type data. The SDK states this type coding should no longer be used in the scenery.cfg and there are better ways to remove certain scenery with the deleteAll= attribute or the current Exclusion Rectangle which has been expanded. However, you will find that developers still used these older type scenery.cfg entry's which in most cases work in both FS9 and FSX. jim
  9. Lynn There is nothing wrong with Ray Smith's KMEM Airport. His readme states it is for the default FSX. You have added many payware addons that changes the default FSX. The Freeway Traffic and roads you are seeing are produced by UTX. UTX says Moving traffic includes crossing runways and taxiways at various airports around the world. The default FSX stops the traffic from crossing the runways at KMEM at the tunnel entrance. hope this helps jim
  10. TopGunChanging freq's is on the update list for a future version of ADE9X. If I can get it working with a point and click (to make boundary's) then Jon can code it into ADE9X like he did the Approach Editor.My goal is to have the Boundary's and the Approach Editor combined so all freq. sectors could be updated.jim
  11. Scott and mgh have showed that a route is from a waypoint to a waypoint which may also have a VOR. Using ADE9X we extract the Route Data for internal use in the code of Naviads but do not compile that same data.If we look at the VOR data we see there is a Mag Var for each VOR. Most all Mag Var's must pass through the Magdec.bgl. The exception to the rule is in the VOR Mag Var Property's. MS gave us the ability to realign the CDI needle so it will agree with current charts as they come available.If we update the Mag Var of the VOR this changes the CDI by the same amount so the ATC course (point to point) and the VOR course agree.WE have Utility's available such as the one Scott used called BGL2XML that will extract out all the stock VOR's. Once the property values as been changed we compile the XML to give us a master VOR bgl. This single bgl can have all the VOR's nested since they are world owned and FS will know where to find them. CAUTION.....FS only honors certain changes in the VOR property's.NEVER change the VOR IDENT or NAMENEVER change the Lat/Lon or the VOR can duplicateADE9 can also change the VOR property showing on the grid if you have our Raw Data View Plugin. Since this is something ADE9X can do you can get more precise help at our forum on FSdeveloper.jim
  12. Yes the Freq's. vs the Boundary are coded in FS and should be left intact. FS gave us the ability to add any type Freq. to any type Boundary which can be passed through and ATC identify this new data.The FS9 SDK is not as complete as the FSX SDK. The FS9 SDK left out important statements such as
  13. toocsquatchJan's FD's do add some consistancy to the approach speeds. FS9 also has a build in AI seperation that works up to 5 aircraft but again that is based on the speeds during the approach phase since the FD's control that speed.Jan also spent time to give the FD's a better rollout on touchdown. For those of us that write and use the weight restriction code (or use ADE9) for runways Jan set the Empty Weights correctly which is not set correctly with many 3rd party AI Planes. It is not realistic to see a B747 takeoff from a 6500 ft runway because the empty weight used was from a B737-400. jim
  14. FrankYes, all that is correct.It does not look logical to have a airline entry without the airline name but something has to tell FS what slider has what type plane associated with it.jim
  15. MelWe need to go back into the ADE9X code and see why the split compile may not be capturing all the airport data into a single bgl but I can see the problem.If no models exist in the ADE9 KTOL bgl then Open the bgl, Save the bgl as a .ad2 project file and compile. This will force all deleteall's to TRUE. Now use the tool "Load Stock Data" and it will give you the Freq's, waypoints, approaches, etc. back into the ADE9 bgl. Once that is done everyone could change their own airport parking.Probably no need to load back in the stock taxiway signs and default FS9 scenery since you and Shez used your own.jim
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