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  1. FANTASTIC! Thank you so much. I have X-Plane back. Lynn
  2. Well it did update to ver. 11.05, but the airplane, runway all the picture is diagonal on the screen. There is no way I can correct the picture. It fly's fine, I'm just flying instrument. Good practice I guess. I installed a second copy on my computer and it is correct. I have installed scenery, aircraft, plugins to the first copy and I would like to not have to do it again. Any idea's are appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Thank you so much. Even with your help it took a little bit of trial and error to get it figured out, but it would not have happened without it. Thank you very much. Lynn Fisher
  4. When I login it tells me: An X-Plane update is available! I click on "Update X-Plane Now". It starts updating, then I get the message.The installer has finished downloading. When I click "Update X-Plane Now,"X-Plane will launch the installer and update to the latest version.. I click on the Update X-Plane Now. It begins and immediately gives UPDATE FAILED there was an error downloading the installer. There was an error launching the installer: error 3:-(-1). I click OK and my X-Plane version 11.01 64 bit goes to the opening page. I can plane the version installed, but cannot install the next version. I don't know how to get help. Please point me to a solution. Thank you, Lynn Fisher
  5. This is the error message that I get each time I try to update.i I tells me that I have an update available . Please help. ABOUT THIS COPY OF X-PLANE "X-Plane 11.01r2 (build 11012 64 bit)". ERROR UPDATING X-PLANE There was an error launching the installer: Error 3-1 (-1)
  6. Where do I get the PMDG Op Center? I have the 737NGX but not the T7. I can not find it anywhere. Lynn
  7. Where can I get "AI Traffic V3 Global"? I did a search on google and got: global ai traffic.rar AI TRAFFIC V3 mod By Gu!!! rar global ai traffic v3 02.full.rar Are these what you are talking about?
  8. Are these the numbers for the winglet or for the non-winglet models, and does it matter? Thanks, Lynn
  9. What is uiautomationcore.dll and what is uiautomationcore.dll fix Please? Lynn
  10. I have the Trackir Pro ser #XXXXX. Win 7x64 OS. I use FSX exclusively. I have Ver 4.1 build 28 installed. It worked great, but now I need to uncheck the true view box and I cannot get to the setup screen. I am happy with my profile, but to use with EZdok I have to make some changes. I am afraid of screwing something up by going to the updated version. How do I install the newest version TrackIR_4.2.0.39? Will I have to redo my profile? Do I have to uninstall it from the control panel uninstall/change page before I install the new version? I have searched the forum but was not able to find the answer to my question. I have read the manuel numerous times. Thank you for your help. Lynn
  11. The Proflight does not have holes in it. You would not be able to bolt it to the desktop.
  12. Installing the drivers worked to get the clock working. hightower I think it is likely, You are pushing and pulling on it and not lifting. You've got a 9 inch by 9 inch flat surface to put the velcro on. You are not exerting that much force to move the yoke in and out, twisting the yoke left and right. Lynn
  13. Thanks for the heip. I really wanted to avoid their software. I had the X52 and used their software. I had plenty of trouble with it. I think when I was in either in their forum or hear on this one that other people were successful with just letting the OS install the drivers. Since I have FSUIPC registered I was hoping that someone might have a way to make it work. Thanks, Lynn