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  1. Simbrief downloader lets you save different flight plan formats into the correct locations. In my case for ex. P3D flightplan format and FSLABS A320 format (in the AOCService) So how can P3D modify what simbrief saved directly in the AOCService map and is inserted by me in the airbus MCDU, because that flight plan doesn't correspond anymore with the the printout that simbrief offers. Jos
  2. I tried every button and combination I could find, but I cannot adapt the intensity of the white leds on the glareshield. Is it possible to dim these? And if that is the case, how? I have PTA installed. Could that be the culprit? Any help will be much appreciated. Jos Denis
  3. Hi, Can someone tell me if this is correct? At engine start, the oil quantity goes from 17.5 to about 12, witch seems normal as the engines use a part of the oil. But after engine start, the quantity mounts again to 17.5. How can this be explained? I asked the question over at the Fslabs forums more than a month ago, but they don't answer. After installing the latest version, no change. Can anybody explain? Jos
  4. Hm, that confuses me, because in the maddog X, I don't have to turn off the ART to put in FLEX temp. It is displayed in the TARP. Even better, it stays displayed when I set the FD's to OFF. Any ideas why? Jos
  5. Very handy. Thank you, Klaus! Jos Denis
  6. Hello, I fly the Dash using FS2crew. The originating flow of FS2crew mentions : engine intake door open (the FO needs them open for his walk around. Do no forget to close them) But I see you and Josh taking off in the FO videos with the engine intake doors open. So what is the right procedure here? Jos
  7. I tested some more and PVOR is indeed no longer broken. What made me think that, is that all waypoints disappear on accepting and I thought that was not normal, but watching the FO videos, it appears that's the way it is. Jos.
  8. Well, I finally managed to install the package on my hard drive. But how to link the scenery to the P3D scenery.cfg is beyond me. I think I need a guide "how to install the IOM scenery into P3D for dummies". Any help would be much appreciated. Jos Denis
  9. I received my copy of IOM today. Starting the autorun file from the DVD, I pass the system checks but then, I cannot get any further then the opening screen and a message saying "the specified path is unavailable". Also, I am asked to type in an e-mail and a password but all I have is the DVD unlock key. Where should the ES path point to? Can I point to my P3D v3 folder for the FSX path? Any help would be very much appreciated. Jos Denis
  10. I am a very satisfied Pro-atc user. Works perfectly in p3d 2.5. Jos Denis
  11. Things didn't work out until I realized that in my case, the full path was: D:\Lockheed Martin/Prepar3D v2\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic 2\UT2Services.exe That did the trick and my airports are populated. Thank you for your help, Jos
  12. Hi Skywolf, I want to thank you for your efforts and to share the results with the AVSIM community! I am certainly going to try the fixes you suggest. Best regards, Jos
  13. Just a trivial technical remark: Dpi = dots per inch and is used when printing a document. Ppi = pixels per inch is normaly used for screen display. Jos
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