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  1. Bert the everlasting GA champion... I still have personal emails from you dating back to 2014... lol... Matter of fact, you can expect one before end of day... haha But thanks as always for your input! Rob 🙂
  2. Well, cancel that request I had this error in my panel.cfg gauge01=!f1vc,0,0,1,1 Instead of the correct gauge01=rxpGTN!f1vc,0,0,1,1 All good now :-)
  3. Hey guys, I'm rather late to the RXP party. I have quite a few GA aircraft but am first experimenting with the A2A C182. I have the 750/650 setup, but actually don't use the 650; it is just there for show right now. Using this post, As well as this one, I think I followed everything correctly. First may I mention that I don't use 2D pop-ups, everything done in the VC. When I single click the HOME or DTO button, I see them physically move. Double click makes them move twice, Press and hold, and I see the button being held down. The problem is, nothing happens. HOME doesn't bring me to the Home Screen, and DTO doesn't offer me to go direct anywhere. Simply put, nothing happens even though I see the buttons move. Wondered if someone can please help at what step I missed. The F1VC.xml that I use has version 2.05 in the header. I know there is a version 3. Would that make a difference? Thanks, Rob
  4. Not sure what went wrong the first time. I was able to restore the original LIGHTS config for all the compatible AI in my test package. After I re-applied the AILRP settings, this time it worked correctly. Thanks again for your time and support! Rob
  5. The 3 main packages were not affected. Just the new one. The package is quite small with only 10 aircraft models in the simobjects folder. It won't take much to fix each of the [LIGHTS] sections. I will do that later on and try applying AILRP once more to see if it happens again. But you'll probably be sleeping when I get a chance to do it so I'll update tomorrow :-) Thanks again!
  6. Hello, Sorry if this may have been asked before. I'm currently running three AI packages. AIG-AIM, FLAI, and FTX Australia. Where ever appropriate it seems AILRP correctly adds the '[FSREBORN_LIGHTS_CTRL]' section to the aircraft.cfg. I'm putting together a sort of 4th package. Mainly for testing purposes but also to add a few airlines not covered by the other three packages. With all four packages activated via add-on.xml, I applied my AILRP settings. I'm just using the default global fleet option. In my test package, the aircraft.cfgs got modified at the time I applied the AILRP settings. On further inspection, not only was the '[FSREBORN_LIGHTS_CTRL]' section not added, the original '[LIGHTS}' section was deleted. I'm currently running a long haul flight so I won't be able to investigate until later in the day. Just wondered if there are any suggestions to where I went wrong. Thanks, Rob
  7. Aerosoft airports not specifically released for P3Dv2 have the problem. Read this post carefully from start to finish. It will put you in the right direction if you decide having the lights is worth it to you. Best regards.
  8. Very impressive what the PMDG team has accomplished. Congratulations and thanks for all of your hard work. Time for me to pick up the P3D 300ER from the shop :smile:
  9. Hey Gérard, Thoughts out to you and country as you face difficult times. I experience the exact same issues you are having with the trim. It was good to see RSR acknowledge it. Hopefully the soon released fix will help us out. Cheers.
  10. Thanks so much for confirming this. Looking forward to the update.
  11. Still didn't get over to the Orbx site, I guess. So far, I have gathered that you have Vector, which got deleted. You updated FTX Global, which means you've had prior versions, and you have PNW. I have those three products, amongst others, and nothing has been deleted when I run updates. So again, my suggestion would be to reinstall what got deleted, or create a new topic in the Orbx support forum on their site. They are very cool over there and will help you to the end, as long as you show them proof of purchase. My curiosity is satisfied. I do hope you get it solved.
  12. You can tell I'm not a frequent poster but this has my curiosity for some odd reason. To be clear... What did you buy last week? And what exactly got deleted? My only suggestion would be reinstall whatever got deleted. However, as stated previously, you will get more definitive answers from the Orbx forums on their own site. I would link it here but I'm not sure if that's allowed.
  13. I haven't been on the Orbx forums lately. So I don't know if you posted there as of yet... But you're more likely to find quicker answers there, provided you have your proof of purchases ready.
  14. +1 I'll admit I was confused on the wording, too. In the end, don't think about the 3hour limit too much. If you're P3D only, then get only the P3D version (pro, academic, etc). I did that and got my rebate in under 30 minutes. If you're sticking with fsx in addition to p3d, then get the bundle and choose the $30 rebate option. The process was so smooth... I'll buy the Cherokee when it is released, just because I want A2A to have my full support now.
  15. Yes, it has the ability to speed up the fsx atc voice sets... If that's your question, it works perfectly.
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