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  1. thank you Mark and Manny... many kind regards...im sure il have a lot of questions to ask :)
  2. thanks daniel... will check it out..and yeah Andrew i hope ur calculator is accurate for the KG version... since a lot of airlines use kilos instead of lbs... i know LH does... and i was on the lookout for one to convert using kilos... saves the time on the manual calculation
  3. tell me about it.... i havent got her off the ground in 3hours with her in the sim... getting her properly set up is so challenging :)infact if any of the good ol experienced mates here could share some tips or pointers in the normal flow of things to make it a bit more clear for us would be more than welcome :)
  4. can anyone specify the list of combinations they use for the doors? i cant seem to work out a decent one... or for that matter..cant seem to open the cargo hold doors even with a key assigned
  5. is there any good tutorial flight that takes you from basics through the systems? in english?
  6. well... so much for a warm welcome or a kind response ;)
  7. Hello People... i thought i'd just introduce myself to the massive PMDG community... after saving up and fighting off temptation for long enough... i decided to go ahead and buy it.. and im glad i did...i've been spending a lot of time just reading the docs... havent even spent 20 mins in the sim admiring her as much as i've been engrossed in reading! lolanyways... since some of ul may know me as a painter... i took a look at the paint kit... and well.. frankly was a bit surprised.. since i found a rather unique kind of kit..so my first question would be.. is if theres anyway to give us the proper outlines for the textures?.. the psd with the left and the right sides as well as other psd's are kind of already "readymade" so to say.. and in case of the full fuse psd.. the outlines are not marked/defined against a dark background... if at all .. is it possible to give us painters some guidance on this? some kind of wireframe background for us to create our own masters?and another question i had was regarding the turn of this beauty.. noticed from the external view that the nose wheels dont turn unlike other jets... is this due to the model? or is there something i missed?i read up on another post regarding the turn issue... but couldnt quite follow it if it was the model or if something else was needed to be done so the wheels actually move when the plane turns?also if theres anything that i need to know/update after an out of the box installation... could someone/anyone bring me up to speed with these or other known issues?thank you and looking forward to interacting with all,Kind Regards,Sheldon Fernandes
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