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  1. I know this an old thread but today I just realized how to make multiple VPath changes. Basically every descent is it's own path. What I mean by that is after you make your first descent and level off you set up for the next TOD just like you did the first one. Follow the exact same procedure for every level change all the way down to the last one. I made a flight and set up my own Alt constraints and I didn't miss one. If you have 3 Alt constraints then you'll do 3 VNAV procedures until you are finally at your last constraint. Otherwise you can fly it by hand. Steve
  2. Ok I want this. http://phys.org/news/2011-10-fighter-jet-dome-degree-view.html
  3. I made a big mistake this afternoon. I connected my 46" HD Sony tv to my FSX pc and loaded the NGX. OMG! I need another tv now. For my pc. The tv has the same resolution as my 27" monitor and there is a slight lack of sharpness. Now 46 inches is a little over kill for a desk I know, but now I have to start saving for a 40 inch screen tv to mount to the wall behind the desk. Damn next I'm gonna want to drop some serious coin and build a flight deck in the spare bedroom. :D
  4. I landed there just the other day dodging all the bushes myself. I had actually landed there a few times during training for my PPL in the mid 90's. Great for unexpected cross wind landings when the wind was swirling out of the west around all the buildings.I don't care what Mayor Daley calls it now...it will alwasy be Meigs Field to me.I'll have to search for the latest file for KCGX.Steve
  5. All these ways of using the FMC makes me want to fly the 737. I have purchased the 747 but have not had time to learn how to fly it yet. There are just so many hours in a day.
  6. I tried using a fix on the route that I was taking. It gave me a invalid entry error on the scratch pad. I may have not done it correctly. I'll have to try it again.Thanks,Steve
  7. I actually found this in the manual last night. Way back in the FMC section. I knew I saw it somewhere before. I used it last night and it works great. I was flying into Banger Maine and there are no STARS for this airport. I set it to be at 8000 ft. 30 miles before BGR VOR.BGR/-30 and select the waypoint BGR on the legs page and fix the route discontinue and exe.It's called a (Along Track Waypoint) pg 32 in section 8.Only VOR's can be used.Thanks for the help.Steve
  8. I looked through the manual and really didn't find anything. What I'm looking for is a way to enter a assigned alt to the fmc that is either before or after a waypoint. Example... ATC assigns me to be at 10K feet 15 miles before waypoint ABC or after.Can this be done in the FMC?Steve
  9. I'm running RC from a Widefs machine. Is it possible to display the ATC window for the commands on the WideFS machine instead of the machine that is running FS? Can the keystrokes come from the support computer?Thanks,Steve
  10. Sorry for the delay in response. You are right. i made the flight again and made my initial call up for center at the assigned alt and from there on the flight went as it should have.Thanks, Steve
  11. I made a flight today from KDVL (Devils Lake) to KINL (Internation Falls). The field was uncontrolled and I was cleared and told to report to center after passing 2900 ft. This all went well. The flight plan alt was FL290 and my initial alt was given to 6000. I flew at 6000 for about 10 minutes and requested a climb to FL290 and was cleared to FL230. After about 15 minutes I again requested the FL290 and was told that I had to wait for traffic. 10 minutes later I saw the traffic that passed over head at FL280. I understand the reason. Next I was at FL230 and was 30 miles from the airport. I requested a lower alt and was cleared to FL150. From this point on I did not hear back from the controller again. I flew over the airport at 15000 feet and cancelled IFR and finished the flight myself. I made it over 15 miles past the airport before I cancelled.Any thoughts.Otherwise this is a great add-on.Thanks,Steve
  12. You need to load the flight plan in FS9 as you would normally.If you can afford it. Get Radar Contact. I was leary about it for a long time but I have to say I will never fly offline without it again. There is no download. Only CD.I used to use the ATC in FS9. Not anymore.Steve
  13. Thanks for the quick response.Sorry for not digging deeper before posting. I was just curious because I do a lot of flying in and out or KORD and I've always got a vector right after takeoff or soon after for a heading to my first w/p in the flight plan. There is no SID for KDCA like KORD.The realism here is great and when I'm not flying online I WILL use Radar Contact to make every flight. I have a PPL and started on instrument training until the money ran out. This is the way to go.Keep up the great work!!Steve
  14. Let me first say that this software is great. Now to my problem...I filed a flight plan from KDCA to KORD. My route was dct to AML then J149 to FWA then OXI3.The winds were 210@06 and I was assigned rwy 19. After takeoff with an initial climb to 6000 I was cleared to 15000 still on rwy heading. I was given to vectors to intercept my route of flight. No instructions for take off to turn to any heading.I made a turn to intercept my course which was north of my position and was told I was off course and given a heading to intercept my first waypoint which was AML.After changing to ATC heading and getting on course the rest of the flight was uneventfull.I tried this twice and both times had the same result.Any ideas?Thanks,Steve
  15. I have noticed that after updating to SU2 that after preflight and entering into the FMC the SID and dep rwy that the track line for the nav display shows incorrectly. Example if I selected a rwy for dep 09 and position the a/c on the rwy the track line displays the end of the rwy that I'm sitting on which would be the dep end for the opposite rwy 27. Is this normal or is it just me?
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