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  1. JD & Team,Completed my first flight with RC this evening. Thanks for adding another layer of realism to the hobby that I love! Should have bought this program years ago!
  2. Try it with RTO. Did a test stop from just below V1 and had 7's across the board on brake temps.
  3. I agree. TOPCAT is a great little program! Hopefully the performance details will be available to Christian someday to update it to include the PW and RR engines as well.I have been using an Excel-based program called TOPAS that was written for the PS1 747 that seems to work pretty well for all the engine types. Can't quite remember where I downloaded it from, but the link is still probably in the forum here somewhere.
  4. Sam,Experiment in progress. With the Throttle Override box unchecked, all is well. When it IS checked, once HOLD is annunicated the engines go to wherever I left the joystick throttle at. Guess I need to start paying attention to where I leave that thing.I'll do a complete flight this evening to verify the tests. Doesn't seem to be a problem with erratic control inputs (CH Yoke in good shape and registered FSUIPC that behaves).I think at the end of that day here is a good reason why Mr. Boeing won't let me move to Seattle to play in his birds. But maybe in a few weeks when I have mastered the realistic A/T interface...
  5. >So.... >>If you want the ultimate in realism- check the box- but guard>your throttles....>>If you want a realistic operation without the concern for the>manual throttle trimming ability when HOLD is displayed->UNCHECK THIS BOX.Robert,That's just the description I was looking for, and explains my "issue" entirely. Was this A/T hold behavior modled before the 400F? I have had the box checked since it's been there, if I remember correctly because I read somewhere on the forum that this would allow me to yank the throttles to abort a takeoff as necessary. If the box is unchecked, what is the correct procedure? Disengage the A/T and then yank back for RTO to kick in?
  6. Sam,Getting late, but here's the play by play as I remember it:1) Frindly FMC warning to check MCP altitude. I do so.2) At TOD, the throttle reduces, IDLE is annunciated, target speed as determined by the FMC is 313 knots.3) Plane begins gentle descent, nice and smooth.4) Within 30-40 seconds, throttle goes to the wall, HOLD is annunciated. Still reads 313 for the target.5) I try changing the target by changing the speed on the MCP. No go, still full power.6) I switch to FLCH, now have IDLE back, but no change in throttle.7) Time to disengage the A/T, setting thrust manually works fine with FLCH. Too terrified to bring back VNAV.I'll try to grab some screenshots tomorrow to help tell the story. Thanks for your input!
  7. Actually, in my problem mentioned above, the A/T did protect against overspeed. What was strange is that it would go to max power, accelerate to overspeed, and then throttle back, then repeat that cycle.Randy mentioned the Throttle Override option. Despite reading the manual and a number of related posts I'm not quite sure I understand what that option does.Can anyone please explain it for me? Why do I want to use it?
  8. Randy,I have it checked. Pretty sure I've had it this way since is was added. Is this correct?
  9. First off, thanks in advance for the great product line and support that you guys put behind it!I am having an issue when descending in VNAV that I didn't have on the 744 before installing the F.Shortly after the aircraft has begun its descent and settled in on the path (by the way, nice transition from cruise, much smoother than before) the throttles decide to advance to near full power, rather than staying back and maintaining the descent speed. Then, once the plane reaches overspeed, the engines throttle down, and then back up again. This same problem happens when using FLCH for a descent as well, the engines never pull back to idle, instead they advance to max power.When I disconnect the autothrotle and set thrust manually it behaves itself. Haven't gone back to the pax version to see if the problem is there as well.I certainly hope that I'm overlooking something new in this update that I didn't have to do in the original B744.Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  10. (EDIT: Foiund the answer I was asking about. Thanks!)
  11. For the last two years I've been flying with SimAirline.net (http://www.simairline.net). There are 16 virtual airlines to choose from. It's a great group of people and a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. And of course countless ways to use your PMDG 737!
  12. I have the ATI Radeon 9600XT, but otherwise very similar specs to you. Try checking out the info in this link:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...topic_id=173789It's pretty long, but most of the tips helped me greatly, especially the hardware configuration suggestions. I have my frames locked solid at 22 FPS, and the only drop is at a busy SimFlyers scenery airport with lots of traffic...goes down to about 14-16...but that is as bad as it gets.Give it a shot and see what happens.
  13. Fantastic looking!The best part is we know you guys will get it right...a nice change from "other" payware designers who still can't get products working in FS2004!Looking forward to it and all future projects!
  14. As my first official post here I want to give a great big thanks to the PMDG team for developing an excellent product! No server trouble or download difficulty can take away from the truly amazing aircraft this is. Looking forward to your future releases!
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