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  1. >what no Brisbane pics??>>>:-bang Very soon. That's part of FTX AU GOLD - the next release :-)Heiko
  2. Maybe those latest shots show FTX better:http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=1164.0Heiko
  3. So why all the hassle ? If an AV program interferes with performance, FSX or any other game, it won't be on my hard drive even one minute longer... I had a quiet good experience with the Live OneCare trail, but the purchase is a major headache (at least it is/was for me). I don't bother further and have now the ESET smart security NOD32 trail installed. Works very well, i think those guys get my hard earned cash.Heiko
  4. >Except that there would be fewer add-ons at a higher price ->even if Microsoft were prepared to become involved. What's in>it for them?>If it did become involved, Microsoft would charge developers>for providing that service and some developers wouldn't bother>to get certified>>Maybe... Or maybe the system will work very well and sales increase significantly because you'll reach a bigger audience. A much bigger audience.When i can rely on getting a well working good quality product, which will keep me headache free for a long time, i'll fork out 3 bucks more. But maybe that's just me. Heiko
  5. The REX betas will start soon and i am very glad to be part of the team. The preview pictures i saw yet are more than competition ! And REX will be far more than a sky and water environment upgrade. To call it a copycat made me really smile :-). I am using FEX now since it was released and i am satisfied. It is the best addon currently available, no doubt. But this might change - we will see... (and i believe so).Heiko
  6. >This is a pretty awful idea. Imagine the shake-up if every>add-on developer had to go through MS for approval for>publishing of their add-on. Also, imagine the cost increases>related to that. MS is not going to put a system in one of>their programs that allows anyone to just throw some code up>for purchase or download without verifying and certifying the>code, because then they would be liable for what you>download.I think this is a pretty good idea. What are the customer benefits ?a.) A 100% compatible modelb.) A bug free model (no need to wait for update 1.03 which makes the product actually usable...)c.) Not possible to break certified models with MSFS updates or service packs.Live would be more easy, no ?Heiko
  7. I never saw vsync working in FSX DX10. Furthermore it is broken in FSX DX9 with every driver after 163.75 whql - that one worked for DX9.Heiko
  8. Thanks for linking Ulf. Next set is up :http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=755.0CheersHeiko
  9. My first choice would be the P3C Orion. I searched it at avsim but couldn't find the file. However, you can get the Orion here http://www.simviation.com/fsxmilitary3.htm or here http://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads-fil...44-details.htmlHeiko
  10. FSDiscover is a fantastic addon ! When you open the map, you can see all places of interest and easter eggs and you can jump right away wherever you want with a mouse click. I don't notice a FPS loss at all.I was planning a 'photo session' for the OrbX beta around Mt Beauty. Without FSDiscover it would have taken forever to find the correct location... :-).Btw - complete flight over here:http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=622.0Heiko
  11. Excellent aircraft indeed. I just can't dim the instrument lights (only on or off) and they are VERY bright. Anyone ?ThanksHeiko
  12. Are you sure you'll run SLI ? If you like a future proofed PC, you should go for a X48 motherboard, Penryn at 3.4 to 3.8 GHz and Vista 64 / 4 GB RAM. Depends on your resolution, but a single 8800GT (G92) should do the trick.Heiko
  13. Of course the Beech - my all time favorite FS9 aircraft... 64 bit compatible please !Heiko
  14. How much FPS i will get with my P4 2.8 and all sliders to the right ? For now i can't set it to max because a popup window says "lol" in red letters when i try it...*rofl*
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