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  1. There is always a space after the opening { and a space before the closing }. %((L:AdjDir,degrees) 360 > if{(L:AdjDir,degrees) 360 - (>L:AdjDir,degrees)}) ^ ^
  2. tedcook

    Sound adjusting

    Kai Try Audacity from :-http://audacity.sourceforge.netRegards, Ted.
  3. tedcook

    Vacuum switching

    Sorry it was my fault - the (& should not have been in the line.Try this clean one. This is tested and works on my Wellington.(L:Vacstart,bool) ! if{ (>K:TOGGLE_VACUUM_FAILURE) 1 (>L:Vacstart,bool) }(G:VAR1,bool)(G:VAR1) ! (>G:VAR1) (>K:TOGGLE_VACUUM_FAILURE) The (G:Var1) will always initialise at zero and so does not need setting.Regards Ted
  4. tedcook

    Vacuum switching

    Try using this statement immediately after the Gauge name thus:-(L:Vacstart,bool) ! if{ (&(>K:TOGGLE_VACUUM_FAILURE) 1 (>L:Vacstart,bool) }- --This should toggle a failure as soon as the gauge is loaded.Also, Do you need the zero in this line?(G:VAR1) ! (>G:VAR1) 0 (>K:TOGGLE_VACUUM_FAILURE) Regards Ted
  5. Hello Mike This is what I used in conjunction with the Keyframe tag--- l_pct_lead_edge_flap0 --- . (A:Airspeed indicated,knots) 54 > if{ (A:Flaps handle index,number) 1 == if{ (>K:FLAPS_UP) } } els{ (A:Flaps handle index,number) 0 == if{ (>K:FLAPS_DOWN) } }"slat gauge installed"
  6. Dirk There is no 'engine map' entry in the 'aircraft.cfg' file for vacuum pumps. Instead there is an entry in the *.air file section 1512 'Engine/Vacuum Bit Map=3' The number 3 {11 in binary } is equivalent to an engine map entry in the cfg file for hydraulic pumps.Thus Four engines with pumps, binary = 1111 and number is 15.Pumps on engines 1 and 3 of a four eng. a/c is binary = 1010 and number 10.See attached snapshot of the DC3 air file entry.Regards Ted
  7. DaveGo to FlightSim.com and search for scalemkr.zip by Scott MacMillan.Regards Ted Cook
  8. Doug.Lots of tweaks and missing curly brackets but the gauge and panel are now working properly - (or as I wanted them to).Thanks to everyone for the input. Regards Ted
  9. tedcook

    Audioable Out/Mid/Inner Markers

    Bill.There is an option to make a hot-key in fs9.Try 'Options | Controls | Assignments | Radio Commands'Then allocate a key - I found some already allocated by default. They just duplicate the function of the audio panel which may need to be set to active '=1' in the 'aircraft.cfg'... [Radios] section of each aircraft.Regards Ted
  10. Doug. You were correct. It was one of my own gauges causing the problem. I have since set an Update Frequency of 1 sec and it will work -intermittently - if I am quick on the 1 + 2 buttons. Thank you for your fast response, I would have been ages suspecting another gauge._ak. I do also have a clapped out joystick.Regards to you both Ted
  11. The fs9 'E + n' command is not responding in twin engined aircraft that I have made and I have found the same problem in some other third party designs.Problem symptoms: 1. Both engines are running and responding as normal.2. Selecting Engine 1 using 'E + 1' gets the proper response(s).3. Then selecting both engines, 'E + 1 + 2', [or Eng. 2, 'E + 2'], does nothing and the system remains on Eng. 1 only.4. The seperate functions still work using the mouse.5. Four engined aircraft do not seem to be affected and all default aircraft work properly.Since some designers seem to have got it right I hope they , or anyone, can enlighten me. Regards Ted
  12. Just a general queryI have made an aerodrome using FSDS2 and installed it as a seperate folder in the 'Addon Scenery' directory using the guidance in fs9 help file. It works properly, there is an entry in the scenery.cfg and it is the top area of the library list.The aerodrome is not one of the default fs9 sites.The name of the file does not appear in the 'WorldGoto Airport Search Addon Scenery' areas box which means I can only access it via the 'WorldMap' dialogue [ and Save it as a flight ]Is there any way I can get it to show like the other third party sceneries do?Regards Ted Cook
  13. You are correct. The numbers are pixels and refer to the whole gauge bitmap.The
  14. Dudey look at:-http://www.sim-outhouse.com/index.php?loc=articles&page=cpRegards Ted
  15. bones - Here is a fragment that works for me.Have you got the latest 'Panels' SDK to study? (A:General eng1 anti ice position,bool)Regards Ted