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  1. Yep, fuel system should has been in tank to engine mode - main tanks should be equal at that stage, and your main 1 -4 pumps are not on ....
  2. Hi Nick I use the interface cards from Phidgets. (www.phidgets.com) They are very straight forwards. You can write your own interface program, or use the FS2Phidgets.http://www.mycockpit.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=126See you Michel
  3. I certainly will be on board for such a system, certain if it would have all the functions as the real one (inclusief dimensions). (just as the software of PMDG is doing.B. RgdsMichel
  4. Hi Revo, I don't think a lot of people with a single PC screen will be interested in such an option. If we could use PMDG in a full cockpit enviroment this would be another story, as in there you have the possiblity to input a lot more of realisme (dark cockpit setup, ops papers, MCC etc etc)In such situation you are quickly 1 hrs in advance busy.B. RgdsMichel
  5. I also hope the Aerosoft MCP747 drivers will be available for the 400X, as this is the only "real" B747-400 MCPMany thanksMichel
  6. Hi Robert, LefterisMany thanks for your replies. I understand that the transfer into FSX of the B744 was already very complex. I'm very sad the "interface - module" didn't make it, as really PMDG products would be ideal for our cockpits. I really hope together with lots of other guys that sometimes you will come up with a solution.Such highly realistic software, together with a well build cockpit would be heaven for me.Many thanks guys for your most appreciated info.Looking forwards to see the X Queen ;)B.rgds from BelgiumMichel
  7. Idem here, certainly in a cockpit enviroment it is very normal that this 10 minutes are passing very quick. Lots of checks to do and preparations in progress.Just can't wait till we will be able to interface the "real" PMDG sim in to our "real" cockpit ;) Robert I think you must understand ;) ;)B. RgdsMichel
  8. HelloGreat to see work is in progress. I'm wondering, if with the new FSX version, we now will have finally good interface possiblities for us to use as cockpitbuilders. I can't wait to interface this beautiful bird with my cockpit hardware.;)B. RgdsMichel
  9. Pls note operational taxi speeds for the B744- between airport buildings : 5kts- turns - between 5 - 10kts- straight taxiways : 25 kts maxB. rgdsMichelPS. Remember you are driving around with a "massive building" of max 395 tons !!!
  10. Hi Lefteris,Until now, there is simply no correct replacement for the Heavy Boeing jets MCP/EFIS. Sadly all hardware makers are focussing on the B737....So the Aerosoft MCP is a piece of gold these days for the heavy jet lovers (B767-B744), selling in E-bay for the double of the original price. I suppose there much certainly be a market for the driver updates. CiaoMichel
  11. Hi The NAT route must be set in the FMC/CDU with this syntax.A SUNOT 57/20 57/30 56/40 54/50 CARPE REDBY57/20 = 5720N 57/30 = 5730N56/40 = 5640N etc GreetingsMichel
  12. Hello, The FMC is calculating reducted N1 figures when you use TO1 and TO2. The same is done for the reduced CLB 1 - 2. I think in real life these figures can (must) be checked manually be the crew. Which tabels are used for that in the AOM or Performance manual ? B. rgds Michel
  13. I really hope, you will consider such interface possibilities for all your new FSX products, specially the B744. Interface is not just key commands for switches, but of course also interaction with LED's.Really looking forwards to it, because at this moment there isn't any good complete alternative. Now we have a beautiful cockpit, build with parts as realistic as it can, but with an airfile and logics which are behaving not as the real one . When I fly then with PMDG B744 on my single pc, you can imagine how frustrated that is ;), when you see how nicely he is behaving.The B737 is now so popular with builders, simply because the old PMDG B737 airfile is still usable together with PM software. Unfortunately, due to its high complexity and degree of realisme, the B744 airfile can't be used together with any of the know cockpitbuilders interface/ system software.I know PMDG did already a big job with the interface programs/drivers for the Aerosoft MCP747 and Engravity CDU's, but a cockpit is a lot more than the MCP and CDU. If a program could be developped where you see the variables/offsets available when you hover over the panel, so that they can be used in the interfacecards, it would be heaven on earth for us. That we therefore should pay a considerable amount of money, is just normal.I really hope that PMDG together with the extra FSX figures, will give me that realisme once in my cockpit. If I could be of any help, I would jump on the first available aircraft to Athens ;) ;)B. rgdsMichel
  14. Hi Nigel,Many thanks for your much appreciated information. I will look into it, as I see that we had about the same way of work in our EBOS FS2002.All objetcs were made with EOD. Will look into Novasim.GreetingsMichel
  15. Hello,I don't know it is possible, but is their a way to convert old bgl made in SCASM and Airport for windows into the newly needed XML files. Or decompile these bgls and then use the source for the new XML.?If yes, which tools to I need for that?Secondly what with the objects. Presently made in EOD. Is there anything which can be done to use them further in XML's for FS9 or FSX, or do we have to redesign them in GMAX from scratch ?B. RgdsMichel
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