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  1. Bonsoir Aimé, Merci d'être un Père Noël Simmer :smile: :smile: :smile: Chapeau bas pour ce travail !!!!! Joyeux Noël et merci encore Jean-Pierre
  2. Re-bonsoir Aimé, Je trouve celà vachement chouette pour la NZ ! Je vais les essayer. Merci Jean-Pierre
  3. Bonsoir Aimé, bonsoir à Toutes et à Tous, J'ai maintenant plus de temps pour la simu ( "grandes vacances" :smile: ) ! ...Ces textures sont-elles OK pour la Nouvelle Zélande de FTX/ORBX ?... En tous cas superbe job ! Jean-Pierre
  4. Thank you Bert and Rob for the info regarding the update. Brgds Jean-Pierre
  5. Hello Bert, How I can get the update to v1.1 ?...On the 30th of May, I have bought the 404 through Alabeo website and when I check their update link, I don't see the 404. Must I re-upload the full product or there is another way ?... Best regards Jean-Pierre
  6. >Solved the problem. Have to put a space between every 2>numbers. 00 22 00 39 00Good afternon John K,I have puted he same space between every 2 numbers, but always the same answer " string not found " when I use the search engine. I use the last version of the Hex editor. I put 00 22 00 39 00 in the hex line on the window Find, but impossible to get the string.Please how do you proceed ?...Many thanks in advance and best regardsNieto
  7. >Open the mdl file you want to edit and search for the>following hex value: 0022003900>>In the first two occurences of that string, simply change the>39 in 0022003900 to 00. It should now look like this:>0022000000. Save the changes, OK the creation of the backup>file then exit Hex Workshop to test it out in MSFS.>>CheersGood morning,By using the Hex editor, when I enter the hex value 0022003900 in the hex line of the search engine, it cannot find this hex value: "string not found". What procedure may I use to find this hex value with the Hex editor?...Thank you in advance for your help.Nieto
  8. Hi,I have downloaded today the ABPro_Base_Setup for installing the package on a new computer. Alone the A320 is installed. I have re-downloaded 3 times the setup.exe and each time after installation I get only the A320. Please PSS, can you give me a solution.Thank you very much in advance.RegardsNieto
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