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  1. Also interested to see if any advantage in QUAD vs DUAL now that SP1 is out and making use of my 2nd core.
  2. >There is absolutely no use for 4GB.Truer words never spoken!
  3. Processor - I can't say enough about my E6600, it cost me $316 and will blow the doors off the x6800 @ stock speeds (x6800 has more headroom for oc though) I don't know if your into overclocking or not but the value of doing so is undeniable and it is extremely safe if you do your reading. FS9 loves CPU clock, I am thinking about doing a comparison in frames @ stock of 2.4ghz vs 3.1ghz vs 3.8ghz with everyhting else untouched....the results and differences in overall frame rate in EXTREME scenery situations is amazing.Graphics - I'm partial to nvidia only because they have never done me wrong. On the bench or in game my experience has always been great. Sorry this doesn't help much but I'm a little closed minded when it comes to the video category.Displays - What monitor do you have that has a native of ####x960? Just curious if that is the reason you would prefer that resolution.HD's - I don't think my Raid array does much for me vs a single 10k raptor and I don't think having the files on multiple SaTA's will give you any better frame rate or overall performance advantage... and I don't know what I can honestly upgrade or change to improve performance. I hear my HD searching when playing FS but there are no stutters. I think that 2gb of quality high speed ddr2 will help null any perceived difference. I can only speak on what is working for me, I consider my system to be on the upper end of the spectrum, but having run it @ the same level (Searching for a stability base) that most mid range systems are at today, I've seen what changes directly affect FS9 performance.Hopefully any part of this will help you! With my Setup at a conservative 3.15GHZ, I run every single FS9 slider maxed at a res of 3840x1024 over 3 19" Dells using TH2go, I run all PMDG products, Wilco A320, Level-D, Flight1 Super80, Flight1 727 into Cloud9 LAX with my FPS locked at 20, and my frames will never hit 18.9.
  4. 2gb is probably the most FS9 in XP will benefit from. I have 2 sticks in now and still plenty of physical memory avail while running fs9 maxed out
  5. I'm only following the memory failure issue as there is a 400 post thread on the evga forums trying to come up with a cause. Other then that I really can't complain....I am having stability issues but that is because my bios isn't tweaked for my speed...need to find time to switch variables one by one for my most stable settings. I am running my mem voltage lower than most with my setup till they can come out with a reason why all the memory is going dead.
  6. 3-4 gb would be the sweet spot on vista/fsx as vista can actually utilize it.
  7. You can run 3 monitors with a tripplehead2go and an SLI setup. Infact, @ 3840x1024 you may see a performance advantage in doing so, however I have my doubts because I already peg my locked FPS the world over in FS9 with 1 8800gtx @ 3840x1024. I'm probably still going to get the 2nd 88gtx eventually just because I play other games that actually can use it, and I really need the 800fps. :)
  8. I am at 10-15 fps downtown seattle with all sliders maxed flying in the Level D VC, in FS9. I think that says something when you have some of the most powerful hardware available and can only pull 10-15 fps when you score 20000+ in 3dmark06 and 200 fps @ 3840x1024 in other games.Who is this game really developed for?
  9. >You think I'll see >20 fps with the LD767 in FSX with>everything maxed out? I still doubt it.Nope! :)
  10. Partial to the EVGA 680i SLI only because I haven't had any issues and OCing is made ultra easy through bios. Alot of people like the ASUS P5W for ocing as well.I guess you can't really go wrong as features are comprable and both are known to arrive DOA on occasion so be prepared for possible RMA.Good luck!
  11. Yes it runs hotter.....how much so? Likely a few degrees C under load and the difference between stock and OC version temps would be less at idle.
  12. So far so good with my new rig. Overclocking with this board is way too easy. I have an overkill watercooling setup (black ice extreme quad radiator with 4 silent 10 dba fans)Saving $620 vs buying the x6800 was a great decision as my chip now destroys the x6800 @ stock speeds with still more headroom as I'm only running 1.48 volts through the chip and am already at 3.8ghz which is running 24 hours of FSX stable lol :)I run FSX Medium-High all screens and frames are 15-30 locked 30 anywhere I go. @ 3840x1024 resolution I am considering running another 8800gtx in sli but waiting on more experience from others in doing so. FSX loves CPU so do what you can to feed it!Good luck on your build!
  13. I don't have experience with either of those power supplies but any one of them should power that system with a single 8800gtx. If you plan to ever get a 2nd 8800....I'd make sure you get a 1kw ps.I run the enermax galaxy 1000w and it's great. Kinda expensive @ $349 from Newegg but lots of great reviews. That BFGTech you listed looks like they are both the same Power Supply.
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