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  1. Sorry, It is for the PMDG P3Dv4 777-200. I would be happy if someone wanted to do it in the PMDG 747-400 also.
  2. Since they love doing Boeing, It is going to be the Historic Boeing product line. Starting with the Boeing Model 1, B314 Flying Clipper, B377 Stratocruiser and the B307 Stratoliner.😆 🙂
  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention this is for the PMDG P3Dv4 777.
  4. Hey Guy (and Gals), I was just wondering if any of our amazing artists are up for a request. I am wanting the 777-200LR in the Early Pan Am Colors (like what was on the Connies). With either an all white or grey base color. PS... I have tried, and I can not paint to save my life. Thank you in advance,
  5. I know the reason there PMDG777. I was trying to be funny. You responded so quick that you did not give me a chance to finish editing my post.
  6. Dear PMDG, Can you please make the MD-11v2, just so we can stop begging, and so we can stop seeing these posts. But mainly so we can stop seeing these posts. Thank you,
  7. Where did all the artist go? P3Dv4 comes out and everyone disappears. Has anyone done of the 1980's liveries for TWA, Singapore, Cathay Pacific, Pan Am, Virgin, ect? I did a quick search but didn't find anything.
  8. We all know that PMDG will not bring the MD11 into the P3D world , and that poor sales, or whatever it was did not justify the work it would require to update it. That does not mean that we can not want it still. Hell, I bought the combo for FS9/FSX when it first came out....$89.99 was a huge amount for a addon back in 2008, and I would gladly pay that again for it today. I want it just as much as the next tri-engine lover, but until someone that makes aircraft at the same level as PMDG, we are stuck in FSX or the PMDG 747/777 in P3D.
  9. Any chance you could remove the United, and replace it with Continental? I know the COA never had 747-400, but miss seeing that name on the planes. Thank you!
  10. Hey Guys and Gals, I was just wondering if anyone has done Pan Am yet? I have looked at Avsim and Flightsim.com, and I didn't see anything. I saw one image of Pan Am somewhere, but that was weeks ago. Thank you!
  11. I wanted to know if any of the amazing painters / artists could please paint the FSX or P3D 777-200 in the old Air Florida Livery. Here is a link to the a photo of it on a DC-10 I found on Facebook. Click Here Thank you in Advance
  12. I would also love to see PMDG do the Boeing 757 and 767. They are amazing machines, and still are widely used by carriers worldwide. Plus it would be great for them to bring the B757 & 767 into the modern world from the Fly! Simulator world of 2001/02.
  13. Chris, Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you and the rest of your family are doing OK, and remaining strong. Steve, I can not wait to fly the Texas International. Your work on this paint is amazing!
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