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  1. "OK, it's not in my mind ;)"Nope. On my IE, too. Haven't found a cure yet :(JackD
  2. Thanks Don, Jon and Holger !!! You have done it again.Had it come from anyone else I would be amazed that it runs better than default on my rather weak machine. Smooth & sharp.Best regards,JackD
  3. JIM,Thanks for reference . . . that saves some time :~))JackD
  4. Reggie,Thanks for the resource referal.You never know when it will prove invaluable.JackD
  5. "RE: Beech Baron 58 Update Well the library didn't find it when I searched?"Use Extended Search and use Author info from original message - worked for me.Hope this helps.JackD
  6. Yet another vote for FlightAssistant.JackD
  7. Hi Joe, Thanks for the tips. I did exactly as you stated and now have Dried Tortugas . . . except for a lighthouse at sea level (no visible base) about a third of mile off south end of scenery. Just looks a bit odd - - no biggy. Also hit a brick wall about 800 ft. over the fort and the flight crashed - - also no biggy, but wonder if you ran into same anomalies.These are fine sceneries and I'm certainly looking forward to more of them.RegardsJackD
  8. Victor,Thanks for the info. I had dozed off and missed both the panel and acft; now have both :~)JackD
  9. The question from Ted and the answers from Jim and Damian are much appreciated!My FSX is also running like a well-oiled Swiss watch (or a ticking time-bomb) and doesn't need any disruptions.Many thanks to all,JackD
  10. Jim,I've dwnldinstalled same files with no problems.Hope this helpsJackD
  11. Peter,Posting the data in any form would be much appreciated!Thanks in advance.JackD
  12. Victor,>Take a look at here:>http://lc0277.nerim.net/sceneobjects/The icebergs are shown under "autogen"JackD
  13. "RE: Update aka SP1 - mystery content? I won't do it...... I won't do it........ I won't do it.............There, I didn't do it.Jim"ROFLOL :-) Sure does save time & space !!!JackD
  14. Alcott,If you had read the gentleman's post more carefully you might have noted his genteel way of saying he can no longer pass the physical. There are more of us out here who are physically impaired than you may think, and we can't help but take umbrage at being told to "get off the sofa".Should you care to feel the challenge, try using only an MS joystick and go fly an FS9 rotor with full realism settings. And now you can use only your left hand. Let us know how it goes.Regards,JackD
  15. Slow day at the skunk-works?
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